Pastor Austin T Kreutz
September 14, 2021
This weeks Podcast
Pastor Austin T Kreutz covers the current trend of church and what is happening in our culture and how it has affected the church. Why are some churches are growing and others are not?
Last weeks Podcast Features Justin Barclay
Justin Barclay is the host of The Morning Show on Wood Radio 1300. Justin shares about how he got started in radio from his High School days. This is a unique opportunity to hear the man behind the microphone share about Family, Faith and Life. Do not miss it!
Without a Clue?
Joe does not know whats is going on, but that is no reason for you to be uninformed.

Austin is standing up to the disinformation you are being spoon fed, to bring you truth and a behind the scenes look at what is happening. Doing research, writing, and seminar development takes time and yes, money.

I need your help with some major projects.
  1. This July I turned 69 (boy that happened fast). As many of you know the Church Council and I have been seeking and praying for someone who has a call to do pastoral ministry, and is willing to be trained,to take over the pastoral duties of the church. This transition will take place over a period of time and in its final stage will allow me to be Pastor Emeritus, enabling me to do more writing, Seminars, and public speaking and ministry. A key factor to make this happen is the need to raise financial support. The target amount is $1,000.00 a month.
  2. Books and materials to do research are not cheap. I use the inter-library system as much as possible. The salary from a small church does not cover the needed expense to acquire out of print books and materials. Much of what I work with has been removed or discarded from the library system. Any help with materials and books is much appreciated

You can help by being a monthly supporter. Donations are tax deductible, and no gift is too small. To contribute click here. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.