Someone, please tell the president: There are humane, effective alternatives to his brutal policies. And they cost less, too.

Here's my New York Times opinion piece that went live this morning and will be in Sunday's Review.  It's simple. Jailing children harms children. Even if you jail them with their parents. There are alternatives to these brutal policies. They are humane, and conform to our need and desire for law and order. And they come at a tiny fraction of the cost of locking families up. Please READ. Share. Call your representative and ask them to push for these alternatives. 

A Writing Life -- in Italy!

I just returned from a month in Italy, fortified to fight! I was blessed to be selected for a writing residency the Rockefeller Foundation has in Bellagio, Italy [overlooking Lake Como]. I managed to block out the world and work on my current book. I put down 10,000 words. And I spent time with a dozen remarkable attendees--people who are arguing gay and voting rights cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, formulating cutting-edge educational policies around the world, writing Kenya's first constitution, telling the stories of refugees migrating to Europe, pushing for greater minorities in STEM. Here's the view out my writing window of Lake Como. 

And one of the incredible group who energized me while in Italy. 

Upcoming Events

Each year I travel across the country--from conferences to colleges to high schools and middle schools--to share my thoughts about immigration and how Enrique's story and those of so many immigrant children continues to change. 

If your school or group would like to book Sonia, email her at

Indianapolis, IN
August 20, 2018
Butler University

Downey, CA
August 23, 2018
Los Angeles County Office of Education
Leadership Conference

Bakersfield, CA
October 11, 2018
California Humanities

Kansas City, KS
October, 2018
Kansas Humanities

Los Angeles, CA
April 19, 2019
East Los Angeles College

AND OTHERS near you... I hope to see you at one of my upcoming events. 

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