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Having a meaningful conversation with a client company's hiring manager can have a huge impact on successfully identifying the right candidates for an open position.

In this article we try to express the meaning behind our desire to form a relationship with hiring managers. We hope you find our insight helpful and welcome any feedback as always.

Michael Clegg, Managing Partner
Recruiting Solutions Team
Melissa Coleman,
Account Director,  Lighting Industry 

Bertina Brase,  bbb@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive,  Machinery & Equipment, and Industrial Automation Industries 
Katie Trippe, kpt@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive/ Operations Manager, Machinery & Equipment, Engineering Services and Plastics Manufacturing Industries

Iris Winkelbauer-Hoelzl, imw@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive, European companies doing business in the US

Silvia Gray,  spg@qworksgroup.com
Account Executive, Automotive Industry 

Angie Barnes, amb@qworksgoup.com 
Account Executive, Contract Staffing

Michael Clegg,  
Managing Partner, Technology Industry

The unemployment rate in May fell to 3.8%, the lowest since April 2000, which means saying we are in a candidate driven market is an understatement. The talent shortage has led to a surge in companies seeking outside recruiting assistance.  That's good news for our industry of course, but with that comes an added responsibility to source and find the right people (who are not always readily accessible) for the job.

Successful recruiting means genuinely understanding a client company's needs and being able to find the best possible person to fill that need. From the nuts and bolts of a given job such as technical skills, experience and education requirements, to the company's culture and individual nuances. This is not always a fast and easy process, but there are certain ways to accomplish this most effectively and one of those ways is to establish a strong relationship with the hiring manager.
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