November 19, 2019
Please Store Your Yard Sign for Winter
Dear Yard Sign Host:

Thank you for hosting a Defend Ipswich River Communities yard sign.

The Defend Ipswich River Communities Steering Committee requests that you store away your yard sign for the winter. (If you already have taken it in, thank you.) Given the current legal appeal phase of the 20 Elm opposition and the inevitable snow over the next few months, we would like to keep the signs safe for the winter so we can bring them out again as needed in spring.

If you need help removing or storing the sign, please e-mail Further, if you do not wish to remove the sign for winter, please let us know and we will try not to bother you about it again.

Thanks for your support and assistance in opposing the harmful 20 Elm project. Wishing you and yours the best for a healthy, happy holiday season.
Donations Needed to Continue DIRC Oversight
Much of DIRC's work surrounding 20 Elm over the next few months will be behind the scenes, assuring that every detail is examined during the legal wrangling. We will continue to rely on our expert legal team, which has gotten us this far. The work is important, but it is also expensive. Please consider a donation (or an additional donation if you were so generous as to give already) to help us keep up due diligence. Thank you for your support! We could not have gotten this far without your generosity!