Please donate to the Eric Jonas Memorial Passover Fund
Dear JCAB Family,
The very first teaching of the Rama in the Laws of Pesach is the obligation to ensure those in need have food for Pesach. This special tzedakah, called Ma’ot Chitim (literally money for wheat) is needed because Pesach, in particular, can be difficult for those with limited means. Before preparing for our own celebration of the holiday, we must do our part to help all those celebrating have enough to eat. Please donate generously to this year’s Passover Appeal.
Food insecurity remains a widespread pressing issue, and there is great need in our own community. There are many worthy organizations that strive to address the need, and it is an issue that deserves our attention – especially as Pesach approaches. This year, we will also be responding to additional Pesach needs of individuals and families in Israel grappling with the aftermath of October 7. As in the past, the JCAB Men’s Club - Eric Jonas Memorial Passover Fund will be collecting funds to help local families for Pesach. Among the charities we will support are The Marion & Aaron Gural JCC and Leon Mayer Fund Pesach Project, which will help hundreds of families in our area celebrate the holiday as we do.
Please donate today HERE and select "Ma'ot Chitim" from the pulldown menu. If you prefer to pay by check, please make it out to the JCAB Benevolent Fund with “Passover Appeal” in the memo section and mail it to the shul.
Thank you for your generosity. May we all enjoy a chag kasher v’sameach – a joyous and fulfilling Pesach.
Rabbi Elie Weinstock

For JCAB Pesach info, see HERE.