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Vote for Anawim Now - Oct. 4th!
We're representing our state in a national voting competition to win $66,000!

Anawim Housing is proud to announce that we have been selected for the Gerry Rauenhorst Building Community Award – a national voting campaign for eight selected non-profits, with the winning nonprofit receiving a $66,000 grant award from The Opus Foundation.

We are the ONLY nonprofit selected from Iowa and were nominated by The Opus Group in Des Moines. The Building Community Award would help Anawim continue to grow our programs and provide safe, quality, affordable housing for hundreds of individuals and families in our home state.

But we need YOUR help to make it happen. Help us by voting for Anawim Housing. Voting is open Now - October 4th!

We need YOUR help:

  • to reach 10,000 votes - every vote matters! Please SHARE with co-workers, family, friends, contacts!

  • to bring home $66,000 to help Anawim provide safe, quality, affordable housing for hundreds more individuals and families in our state.

  • so that Anawim can help those with the greatest need - By providing housing assistance and supportive services, Anawim is helping break the cycle of homelessness in Polk County.

  • to help Anawim provide even more stable housing - which is critical to the health, safety and success of those in our community living with mental illness.

A vote for Anawim is a vote for stable homes and a stronger community right here in Iowa.

Please Vote today. Voting is simple - just 2 clicks and you're done! No registration required. You can also vote once PER device, so grab your phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, library computer, etc and help us bring home a win!

This year, Anawim Housing has given out 66 welcome buckets! That’s 66 families or individuals we’ve helped move in to housing. Please take a second to VOTE for Anawim Housing and let’s keep the smiles coming
“You need people that know you, people you can trust, people who think of you as an equal,” Randy, who experienced homelessness and now has a home, a job, and a support system with Anawim. Please take a second to VOTE for Anawim Housing and help more people like Randy.

Anawim Housing develops stable homes and strengthens communities