Dear Harford Day School Parents, 

Your partnership these past few days has been truly gratifying; the new (to us) frontier of Distance Learning is a challenge for all of us -- we are learning things we never knew we never knew! As we head into our first full week in this mode, and on behalf of the Lower and Middle School teachers, we would like to ask a small favor of you. 

As you may know, when we are in "normal" school mode, our students only enter a classroom when a teacher is present. This is primarily a safety precaution, as you can imagine; all of our students know the expectation, and it is simply a part of their routine. The favor we are asking is that over this weekend you have a brief conversation with your child(ren) about entering the "digital classrooms" through Google Meet only when the teacher is there already. It is very apparent to students when the teacher is present and when s/he is not, and some students have been meeting before class time on their own. 

These digital gatherings without the presence of the teacher are completely understandable -- the contact with friends is what many children look forward to each day! As a safety precaution, however, we want to prevent any inappropriate exchanges or hurtful language. Please make the expectation clear to your child(ren): they are not to "Join" a Google Meet before the teacher does so. This expectation will be reiterated in homerooms and advisories on Monday, but your support at home will communicate that we are all on the same page in this regard. 

Thank you very much for your help in this matter. Have a terrific weekend, and be well. 

Warm regards, 

Ashleigh Wilkes
Head of Lower School

Lynne Myavec
Head of Middle School
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