Please accept our apologies! In the first version of this e-newsletter that was sent out earlier this morning, we accidentally thanked CrossWINDS Church instead of CrossROADS Church. We are so grateful for BOTH of these Sister Church Partners and regret our mistake, which has been corrected in this email.
Honoring Kencia's Life this Christmas

This Christmas, we’re honoring lives by saving more. In November, the unthinkable happened – we lost one of our sponsored children. Kencia Romelus passed away from what we believe was a water-borne illness. ⁠
Kencia lived in Plik, a remote mountain village, where the only water source is unclean – the same place where animals take baths, dishes are washed, laundry is cleaned, and people bathe. ⁠
Kencia died from a preventable disease, and to honor her life, we’re dedicating this Christmas to her. ⁠
Through a donation of $60, you can provide a water bucket filtration system to a family without a clean water source. Its powerful filter eliminates E.Coli, bacteria, Protozoa, and more for 10+ years. ⁠
Honor Kencia’s life and give a gift to save lives today:
Executive Director Marnie Van Wyk Visits Crossroads Church

In October 2021, New Life for Haiti's Executive Director, Marnie Van Wyk, visited one of our sister church partners, Crossroads Church.

Located in Sullivan, Indiana, Marnie spoke at each service for "Haiti Sunday", participated in a Lifeline Meal Pack Event, and hosted a child sponsorship event!

Pictured here is is our Executive Director, Marnie Van Wyk, with Chris Benefiel. Chris coordinates the Hope Project, which is making certain scripture gets into the hands of all the families at the School of Hope. ⁠
This is such important work because most School of Hope families don’t have a Bible in their homes.
We’re so grateful for you, Crossroads.

Thank you for being a vital part of this ministry.
Listen to Grant Rose and Amy Chaney from The Well Church chat with our Executive Director, Marnie Van Wyk, about how their involvement with New Life for Haiti has impacted them and their families.
Schedule a phone call, lunch, or a visit with Marnie. You can email her at
Sister Church Partner Highlight: The Well Church
The work of the Kingdom is not designed to be completed in isolation, and that's precisely why our Sister Church partners make up a vibrant part of New Life for Haiti's ministry.

Many of these churches partner with a Haitian church - developing a relationship, inviting members to sponsor children from the village their Sister Church is located in.

We wouldn't be able to see such radical, Christ-centered transformation in the communities we serve without our Sister Church Partners.

The Well Church is one example of this. Joining us in 2017, this church helped raise critically needed funds for earthquake survivors in August of this year after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

The Well has also offered their space for on-site filming for a previous event, and several members of the church sponsor children.

They are all in, and we couldn't be more grateful for their hearts and the ways God is using them to advance His Kingdom.

If you're a church leader and this is resonating with you, reach out to Marnie Van Wyk to learn more! Being a Sister Church partner can look different for each church - ranging from hosting a child sponsorship event, providing monthly support, or choosing New Life for Haiti as the beneficiary of a mission focus.
New Life for Haiti Receives Rave Reviews

We’re getting rave reviews on, and we are humbled and honored. ⁠
Here’s what Amy Lynn had to say, “This organization is the best! They truly know how to love and serve the community in Haiti and do it in a way that empowers the Haitian people and lets them take the lead!! This group is not only culturally sound, they raise the bar in excellence in how they address every project or area of ministry. I truly could not say enough wonderful things about this organization. I have been to Haiti with them twice and would go 100 more times if I could. I love the work they are doing there and believe it is exactly how God has called us to love our dear brothers and sisters around the world!” ⁠
Thank you so much for being so supportive, Amy; we value you! To give New Life for Haiti a review, head to
Thank You for Supporting New Life for Haiti this #GivingTuesday
Together, we were able to raise almost $6,000 during #GivingTuesday!

That may not seem like much, but it means the world to the families whose lives are about to be changed.

With the money you helped raise, we'll be able to provide families living on $1.25 a day with:
  • solar-powered lantern with a USB charger
  • water bucket filtration system that will last 10+ years
  • stove to cook warm, nutritious meals
  • goat that will bring sustainable nutrition, supplementary income, and things like soap and candles along with personalized training on how to care for the goat
  • bag of seeds with personalized guidance on how to plant, grow, and harvest food

Spend a few moments rejoicing to God for the marvelous things He is doing through people like you.
Exams at the School of Hope

It's the end of the year, and if you or anyone you know is in school, you know that means exams are right around the corner.

Similar to the United States, in Haiti, all students, at every level, take exams.

Take a few minutes to pray for your sponsored child(ren) this week as their first semester exams come to a close.

And, pray for the School of Hope teachers filling out report cards for each student.

As you know, this can be a stressful time of year, and one small way we can be a part of supporting our brothers and sisters in Haiti is through interceding for them to our Savior, Jesus.

Thank you for your steadfast support to these children as they learn - your sacrifices give them a chance to break free from poverty.