Please take action NOW!
 and ask them to "Please support survivors of abuse by passing House Bill 705."

Thanks to your advocacy, HB 705 passed the NH State Senate and will now head to the full House for a vote on Tuesday, June 30th!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who contacted their Senator about this bill! Numerous Senators remarked that they heard from an extraordinary number of survivors and allies urging them to pass this critical legislation. Every email and phone call matters!

House Bill 705:

  • Updates New Hampshire statutory Victim Bill of Rights: This bill updates the statutory rights of crime victims in New Hampshire. It provides statutory rights to the victims of a misdemeanor sexual assault, and establishes a committee to study the needs of crime victims. Survivors of sexual assault and violent crime should not be an afterthought in the criminal justice system.

  • Removes exceptions that allows married couples to sexually assault their spouse: Under the current statute, minors and individuals with disabilities who are married do not have the same protections under the law as someone who is single or in a dating relationship. Marriage does not give you an excuse to sexually assault your partner.

  • Prohibits the sale of so called "Do It Yourself" rape test kits in New Hampshire: DIY Rape test kits are misleading and do not protect the health or rights of survivors of assault. Prohibiting these kits ensures that New Hampshire remains aligned with the best practices in the field. Victims of sexual assault in NH have the ability to seek professional medical attention and accurate evidence collection free of charge. It is unconscionable that companies are taking advantage of this national emergency to create barriers to critical medical care by promoting incorrect, misleading, and potentially harmful information. NH victims of crime shouldn't be harmed by misleading marketing tactics that only benefit for-profit corporations.

  • Eliminates civil statutes of limitations in sexual assault cases: It can take years to come forward to disclose sexual abuse. Arbitrary timelines only serve to protect predators. The right to justice should not have an expiration date. 

  • Creates laws to address sexual assaults on campus: Strengthens support and resources for survivors of campus-based sexual assault. 1 in 5 college students is a victim of sexual violence. It's time to make college a safe place and to protect the rights of survivors.