april 2019
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Dear friend of theONswitch:

What's “nu” for April?
Spring is a great time to clean-up messes throughout your work and life. Even if you're not a germaphobe, you might be interested in these oh-so-dirty office facts.
Nancy A Shenker

P.S. In case you missed it, nunu ventures is my newest (nuest?) brand and my AZ entity. nunu means “the chaos from which the world was formed."
Dirty data costs U.S. businesses $611B per year. Your spring cleaning should include a thorough database cleanse.

Are we FUCT? Or will the Supreme Court's ruling wash the media's mouth out with soap? "Dirty" words have become commonplace in media and marketing. Stay tuned for the outcome.

BTW, the robot maid is a real thing.
  • Engaging a new client takes more than a moment. MomentFeed was worth the wait. Thrilled to work with this great company,which was on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies list and a Comparably 4-category winner.
  • I'm heading to the National Restaurant Association Show & Collision in May and writing about hospitality and innovation.
  • Who was that chubby girl? Find out here, along with other Thrive Global musings and life/work lessons.
  • Need networking help? My tips are included in this article.

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What's nearly 300 years old and still smells great? Products made by Caswell-Masey , one of the oldest U.S. companies, have been faves of George Washington and the Rolling Stones.

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