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     Volunteerism is the purist act of philanthropy. We see this generosity every day at Clarehouse!  Demand is at an all-time high for unpaid human resources to help community-focused programs meet comprehensive needs. Volunteers who choose to invest this most pure philanthropy in hands-on service, governance, fundraising and public awareness on behalf of Clarehouse, make it possible for the caring and compassion offered to individuals at the end of their lives.
     Like many of you, I have volunteered all my life and have worked with, for and alongside volunteers my entire nonprofit career. The power of active citizens is limitless and focusing the energy of volunteers in service has an equally limitless ripple effect. Positive return on the investment in volunteerism becomes clear when each person "owns" his/her part in service to the community.
     In my first weeks I have met active and returning volunteers who own your commitments to Clarehouse's mission. The new volunteers we have welcomed are poised to invest in giving back or to "paying it forward" through Clarehouse. Prospective volunteers ready to have a local impact express interest via telephone, email, and applications downloaded from Clarehouse.org.
     During our first Meet! Mingle! Mentor! session, volunteers Paul, Anne-Marie, Thad, Terri, Jane, Zelma, Donna, and D'Ann shared how they support guests and families. The consensus from our session was to develop ongoing interaction and learning so volunteers can connect and grow. Committee members Ginny, Peggy, and Jennifer stepped up to explore structure and programming. As the committee gets rolling, email me your thoughts on, "How will we build Clarehouse's reputation and visibility as THE "house" for positive volunteerism experiences?"
     Let's start building on your investment in Clarehouse and our support services. Let's get to know each other, review our accomplishments or stumbles, identify topics to delve into for our own learning, discover ways to share with the community, and pledge to celebrate-daily. Zelma Poiriez shared the "Three Rs: Respect, Respond, Remove" for Friendly Visitors. With Respect as a given, consider Support Services' Five Rs: Refresh, Recruit, Relate, Recognize, Retain to develop robust and fulfilling volunteer roles and continue to embrace the diverse talents, skills, and passions of generous service philanthropists.                          
Brenda Michael-Haggard, Support Services Director
FOCUS ON: Leadership
     This is going to be a great year at Clarehouse! As the incoming President of the Board, I am very excited about 2016 - a new annual event, constructing a memorial garden, educating more students about end-of-life care and continuing to share this amazing model of care with others who want to bring it to their communities. Our Board will focus on generating long-term sustainability for all the things we have planned. 
     While my day job is in Accounting Research at Williams, this is my sixth year on the Clarehouse Board during which I've served in a variety of roles. I came to serve at Clarehouse after helping to care for my Grandmother, Elizabeth Morgans, during her last weeks of life. That experience made me realize the incredible importance of end-of-life care - not only for the person, but also for their families. My father-in-law, Mike Shaw, passed away at Clarehouse three years ago and it was a tremendous experience for the family. I am honored to serve as the President of the Board of this organization that I have come to love.                             
Lori Shaw, Board President
"For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed."
Clarehouse guests and families share their gratitude with us every day. We are honored and inspired by their words, which often serve as a potent reminder of the incredible value of the details of life at Clarehouse. We never know what little thing will create unforgettable impact. Of course, our commitment to quality, compassionate care and the warmth and beauty of our home are the foundation of all that we do. Beyond that, people find meaning in the extra efforts and the small touches that communicate a deep concern for wellbeing. For some, it is resting in the warm coziness of a fire, wrapped in a cheery plaid blanket. For new arrivals, it may be the experience of seeing one's mother in a pretty pink nightgown with hair brushed and fluffed, after days or weeks of standard-issue hospital gowns. Others may relax into the soothing scent of orange citrus from the aromatherapy diffuser in their room. Many family members are moved by the votive that burns at the doorway of their loved one's room at the time of death, evoking an immediate sense of the sacred in the passing that has occurred. The little river rocks, available to inscribe your loved one's name and add to the container of memories, may be that one thing that reaches you. Or, it may simply be the hug that someone went out of their way to offer. The life lesson here is that we may never know what a difference we make with a kind gesture, but that little bit of time or effort may create a lasting memory for a hurting individual. The little things, including moments, matter
Kelley Scott, Executive Director

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