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The Heart of Volunteer Caregiving   It has often been said that Clarehouse could not exist without volunteers. The truth of this statement is undeniable. Our volunteers assist with multiple tasks - answering phones, preparing meals, cleaning, gardening, and providing companionship, just to name a few. Every person serving as a volunteer does so with their heart and soul. They are here because they want to be and it is a palpable love that they offer.
Volunteering as a caregiver requires a specific dedication and commitment. Not only must one be comfortable with direct guest care, the volunteer in this position must also be competent at bedside skills and teamwork. This group of volunteers provide the most intimate care to our guests, assist with symptom management, and offer education and support to the families. Clarehouse is blessed with a group of nurses and caregivers that give their time to serve our guests and families in this selfless way. These volunteers work side-by-side with the staff. They provide coverage during staff meetings and events or absences. Guests and families greatly benefit from the additional support, strain on our staff is eased, and these volunteer hours improve our stewardship of funds.
One of our devoted volunteer nurses, Shirah Grant, explains why she loves volunteer caregiving: "Clarehouse has reawakened the more humanistic side of nursing in me by allowing me to devote as much time as I want to the guests and families. Every day is different and the variety of volunteer opportunities keeps it from becoming stale. Clarehouse has become food for my soul; I always leave there feeling better than when I arrived because I was able to give back by doing something that I am passionate about."
Stephanie Carrico, Clinical Director
FOCUS ON: The Conversation
Clarehouse is excited to partner with the Tulsa City-County Library to offer a series of free public programs to discuss end-of-life issues. These interactive programs will address the wide-spread need for education in goals-of-care planning and navigating the health care system. All programs will begin at 6:45 p.m. at the Hardesty Regional Library , 8316 E. 93rd St.
Week One, October 27: "Can't We Talk about Something More Pleasant?"  will feature award-winning cartoonist, Roz Chast, speaking about her graphic memoir of the same name, which depicts her difficult journey in providing care for her elderly parents. Books will be available for purchasing and a book signing will follow the presentation.
Week Two, November 3: "Can't We Talk about Something Less Complicated?" will highlight the experiences of two palliative medicine physicians; Dr. Jennifer Clark and Dr. Jeffrey Alderman, as they describe the current landscape of end-of-life care on a local and national level.
Week Three, November 10: "Can't We Talk about Something Less Personal?" will explore real-life experiences in end-of-life care through a panel of individuals with a wide range of insight. A resource fair will follow so that participants can take home information to help them navigate the intricacies of the issues.
Starting the conversation is the hardest part. Contact Julie for more information. Please help us spread the word and make plans to join us for this important series.
We don't always know how Clarehouse impacts individuals and families through their grief journeys, though we believe the care they and their loved ones receive here makes a difference on that difficult road. Recently, we received an email that shares a beautiful story of one family's continued bond.
     I just wanted to tell you thank you for letting me use the outdoor chapel Friday night.  Clarehouse is such a special place in the heart of my family after the care you and your staff gave to my father.   My girlfriend and I have been back several times to cook dinner for the families that are there, just trying to give back to  the people who gave us so much.  We each have a child, me a son and her a daughter. 
     On Friday, July 17, I sent my amazing girlfriend on a scavenger hunt under the guise it was something the kids had wanted.  She went from place to place seeing her friends who were waiting on her with her next clue. This eventually led her to the chapel, where our kids had helped me place rose petals on the floor and had lit candles waiting.  I asked her to be my wife with the same ring my father gave to my mother.  
     Our journey begins where my father's journey ended and I can't think of a better way for things to have been.  I have found that when I tell the story and show the pictures, there is an unforeseen thing happening.  When I tell everyone the story, I get to tell them how great Clarehouse is and how they helped my family.  Thank y ou again!!! 
Curt and (soon to be) Kasandra Floyd
We are deeply honored to be a part of this family story!

Talking ab out death and dying may seem like one of the more challenging conversations we can have - and yet it can be one of the most liberating!

Learn more about this unique project at deathoverdinner.org.