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Clarehouse provides 
a loving home,
quality end-of-life care
and access to
hospice services
to people in need.

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October 16, 23 & 30 and November 13

Volunteer Inservices are generally held on the 4th Thursday of each month.

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As this newsletter reaches you, we will be in the midst of our annual Dying Dialogues event. This three-week series is in its third year, dedicated to facilitating honest, informed conversation about end-of-life issues at a community level. Night One (October 16) featured Dr. Lucy Kalanithi, speaking about her late husband's book, When Breath Becomes Air . Night Two (October 23) is a screening and panel discussion of the award-winning documentary Extremis , and Night Three (October 30) will offer roundtable discussions with experts about specific topics from the series. Limited seating and high demand for the Night Three conversations have prompted the addition of a fourth date - November 13.
Public response to Dying Dialogues affirms to us that our educational mission is hitting the mark. We know these are difficult conversations to have, but so crucial to navigating serious illness. The visionary leadership, commitment, and generosity of long-term Clarehouse supporter Robin Ballenger is instrumental in Dying Dialogues. Robin is a founding board member of Clarehouse and is acting on heartfelt convictions as the underwriter of this series. "I believe that we have to become conversant in this." Robin says. "Death is a sure thing in life and we'd all better do some thinking and preparing to create the best possible experiences."
We are grateful to Robin for her generosity, and to the University of Tulsa, University of Oklahoma - Tulsa, and Magic City Books for their collaboration in presenting the series. Tulsa continues to be at the forefront of this discussion of a critical dynamic facing our nation, and as our community becomes more informed and prepared, we become better able to lead.
Kelley Scott, Executive Director
FOCUS ON: The Omega Home Network

The Omega Home Network is a national membership organization that promotes the development and expansion of community homes for dying people. It is made up of a community of passionate people coming together to fill the gap in end-of-life care and positively impact families during an unsure time.
Clarehouse was instrumental in establishing the network, which was built around the need to expand our ability to serve dying people who can no longer remain in their homes during the last months of their life. We foster homes in various stages of development, offering loving support and guidance.
Since its inception, the network has grown to mentor 27 social model hospice homes and helped change the way their communities approach end-of-life care. Each day, we work to connect with people sharing the same vision in hopes of advancing the movement of community supported end-of-life homes and the experiences of individuals and their families.
Clarehouse is proud to exercise a leadership role in the formation and growth of the Omega Home Network, with Kelley Scott serving as the President of the Board of Directors. In partnership with The Journey Home and Porta Caeli House, we will host the 2018 Omega Home Network National Conference in Tulsa next summer.  Learn more at omegahomenetwork.org

Britni Smith, Education Director

Volunteer Care Assistant Training

Clarehouse is blessed to have incredible staff caregivers. Top quality guest care is not only the goal, it is the expectation. This wouldn't be possible without volunteers. Some of our volunteers participate in direct guest care alongside staff members and have the title of care assistant. Tracy Holland is the designated staff caregiver who trains these volunteers. Care assistants help with repositioning, feeding, brief changes, post mortem care and a variety of much needed household tasks. Volunteer care assistants are an invaluable part of the Clarehouse team. Contact me if you would like to learn more about serving in this way.

Cynthia Outlaw, Support Services Director
From the heart of family...

To the loving, lovely staff at Clarehouse,
How to thank everyone who touched our father's life at the end of his days in this world? I know he heard your laughter and affectionate teasing - the perfect Rx for our dad. Whether you offered his family a bowl full of warm soup, a much needed hug, or a clear roadmap of where Dad was heading and how he might be perceiving the way there, you all exceeded any expectations we might have had about his end-of-life care. Please know that our praise and thanks are heartfelt.                                     
Warm wishes, Linda Phillips
Wondering what you can do to support  Clarehouse care?

Here are some options to help with ongoing needs:

¨   Prepare or provide a meal for our families-contact Cynthia at
using Clarehouse as Last Name and Password

¨   Identify someone who needs to know about Clarehouse and bring
them to a Welcome Wednesday (2nd Wednesday of every month)

¨   Organize a Clarehouse "Wish List" Collection event at your work
or faith community

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