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Clarehouse provides 
a loving home,
quality end-of-life care
and access to
hospice services
to people in need.

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Volunteer enrichment opportunities are generally held on the 4th Thursday of each month.

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     On October 26, 2003, we welcomed our first guest to Clarehouse - in a little three bedroom apartment at Park Villas. I remember that day vividly. We had established our pilot plan, secured and prepared a rented, temporary home, and put the word out that we were ready to offer care. Then, we waited - anxiously, fielding only a very few phone calls, and wondering if anyone would really come. That first guest did come, and 9 days later, our second guest joined her. Then, 17 days later, a third. And so it began. We had created a home and family for people in crisis. With your help, we opened our doors and loving hospitality flowed.
     This month, we celebrate 15 years of Clarehouse care. Today, our 4,106th guest was welcomed. It is impossible to gauge the number of people who have been impacted by the care provided to dying people in need, people impacted as family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers in the next room who become friends.
     We have learned that this unique opportunity of dying in community space is rare and precious. As much as our own homes may always be our first choice for final days, the experience of a sharing such an important event in a community home offers unexpected gifts. Isolation, loneliness, and fear of the unknown recede as the spirit of compassion surrounds, lifts and sustains. Friendships are formed that may last a lifetime. Being truly present to each moment, when those moments are slipping away beyond our control, we all have the chance to connect with our humanity, our mortality, and our spirituality. This connection, borne in loss, can be the inspiration for growth as we claim the opportunity to look at our lives and relationships and contemplate what's next, knowing that as survivors, we will go on.
     I'm deeply grateful to have spent the past 15 years immersed in this communal experience. I'm grateful for all who make Clarehouse care possible. And I'm grateful that the learning never ends.
Kelley Scott, Executive Director
     Friendships are formed and lasting memories are made on a daily basis at Clarehouse. Pictured is Amy Davis, student intern, with a recent guest, William Claxton. Amy spent time at the bedside with William and eased his anxiety with her presence. The photograph was taken at William's request. He stated, "I don't want you to forget me." Amy told him then and has stated since that she never will.
    We are honored to receive feedback from families as they return their Service Evaluations. We share these comments as affirmation of all the efforts of volunteers, donors, staff, and board members. 
     "From the bottom of my heart, thank you. My beautiful Mother received the best care and spent her final days so happy and treated like a queen. I am beyond grateful to you all and so thankful that a place like Clarehouse exists."
     "Our experience at Clarehouse was a bittersweet blessing...the staff took our concerns about care and comfort off our shoulders and allowed us to focus on our loved one."
     "This was such a blessing at one of the most difficult times in my life. I had no family members locally and Clarehouse provided the family I needed. I will always be grateful for the love and support from the staff and volunteers!"

     "Before I Die I want to..." Have you thought about how you would answer such a question? Would your answer be immediate or would it take some thought? Would it be funny and light-hearted or profound?  
     Before I Die is a global art project that reimagines our relationship with life, death and one another. The first Before I Die wall was created by artist Candy Chang on an abandoned house in New Orleans. Today, there are over 2,000 walls around the world, including one at Clarehouse. In the two years of its existence, our wall-a giant chalkboard with the words "Before I die I want to..." stenciled over and over-has been hosted by a variety of groups and organizations across our community. Most recently, it spent two weeks at Brookside Library, offering a blank canvas for visitors to write their thoughts, hopes and dreams. Kelly Bayles, Brookside Library Branch Manager, writes about the experience.
     "Brookside Library customers, adults, teens and children, were very interested in the wall and began engaging with it immediately! Some customers had questions and asked staff, but most simply walked up to the wall, grabbed chalk and started writing. There was a great response and the wall filled up several times. A few customers brought back their friends specifically to show them the wall and add their contributions. We happened to find a book about the Before I Die Wall here at the library and displayed it at the front desk. It was great to see customers so interested in the wall, and to read all the various additions to the wall each day. Thank you for allowing us to host!" The wall is mobile, built to travel around our community giving rise to public discussion. If you would like to host, email Britni Smith, bsmith@clarehouse.org.
Ten Suggestions for Getting Involved at Clarehouse

1. Walk the Labyrinth and enjoy the fall foliage.

2. Invite someone who needs to know us to Welcome Wednesday.

3. Drop off items for the Bountiful Harvest Drive.

4. Get your hands dirty in our flowerbeds.

5. Visit the Memorial Wall and leave a message for a loved one.

6. Host a Clarehouse fundraiser on your Facebook page.

7. Cook or cater a meal for Clarehouse families.

8. Breathe and center in a Thursday afternoon Chair Yoga class.

9. See if your employer has a matching gift program to double your donation.

10. Schedule a session with Britni to learn about our Healthcare Toolkits.

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