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Clarehouse provides a loving home, quality end-of-life care and access to hospice services to people in need.



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Stephanie Carrico


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Kate Halsmer


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Mike Douthitt


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Julie Anderson


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     "How we want to die represents the most important and costly conversation America isn't having." This is the opening sentence on the website - Let's Have Dinner and Talk About Death, or www.deathoverdinner.org. Sounds scary? Morbid? At the very least, abrupt? Maybe, but that's our culture talking. SPOILER ALERT: Talking about death is not a cause of death. Talking about death may actually encourage a deeper experience of life. That's what we believe, and why we want to stimulate and support conversations about dying.
     From navigating the health care system in life-threatening illness, to communicating your goals of care to your family, to not only creating your bucket list but getting to work on it; we believe conversations about dying can be liberating and motivating. Talking about this inevitable and universal human experience can help ensure that time is well-spent with intention. Discussions about dying open us to an awareness of the immediacy of what we hold dear.
     Through our Education outreach, we are offering a Death over Dinner event for you, your family and friends. At the table together, over a lovely meal, we will begin those conversations that perhaps you have struggled to have on your own. Put together a group of 6-8 people, pick a date, and contact Julie Anderson at 918-893-6150 or janderson@clarehouse.org. It's a conversation worth having.

Kelley Scott, Executive Director
Dear Clarehouse,
     My mother and father-in-law have made a donation to Clarehouse as a gesture toward honoring my grandmother, who passed away recently. I wanted to send this email to accompany that donation.
It was not my grandmother who stayed at Clarehouse but my father, who passed away in October 2009. My father, Rick, was terminally ill with cancer. He had brain surgery to remove tumors, and then had a stroke while in the hospital, which debilitated him to a state for which there are no words to describe. The hospital recommended Clarehouse.
     It was a tough decision to take off all tubes and let nature take its course. Our family kept vigil at his bedside around the clock. Over and over, I had the thought, thank you, universe, for somehow providing us with this beautiful room and caring staff during the most difficult time. It gave us all a place to be. To be with him, to say good bye, to linger a while longer. Clarehouse made him comfortable from the moment he arrived. He did not suffer.
     One thing that was particularly loving happened right after he passed. Your staff gave him a bath, shaved him and put on his favorite blue shirt. You even put cologne on him. It was a detail that was not so much for him, but for us. You wanted to leave us the gift of seeing him in the best possible way for the last time. We did not see a man who was broken by cancer. We saw our loving father, looking for all the world like a million bucks.
     It was, and is, unfathomable that the care you provide is absolutely free. I have never heard of anything like Clarehouse. When my mother-in-law asked to which charity she could donate to honor my grandmother, you were the first to come to mind. My family owes you a debt that cannot be repaid. But hopefully this donation will help ensure that you can keep doing what you do. Giving miracles to whatever families walk through your doors. You are so appreciated.
Gina Clemmer

     Clarehouse celebrated the service of over 200 volunteers at the annual Volunteer Banquet and Awards Ceremony during National Volunteer Week in mid-April. Volunteers were recognized at the event with gifts, awards, and appreciation from staff and board members. Four volunteers who gave over 250 hours of service were honored a Silver Presidential Service Award, and 23 Bronze Service Awards were given for over 100 hours of service in 2014. 96 volunteers have served over one year and 6 volunteers have served Clarehouse for 10 or more years. Special recognition was given to Outstanding New Volunteer: Shirah Grant, and Outstanding Volunteers of the Year: Jane McKinney and Mary Edwards. Barbara Lawson and Linda Cox were honored with 10 year service awards. When asked why she enjoys volunteering at Clarehouse, Mary Edwards explained, "Volunteers enrich their lives by enriching the lives of others."

Mary Edwards, Mike Douthitt, Kelley Scott, Jane McKinney and Barbara Lawson

Mike Douthitt, Shirah Grant and Anne Stevenson

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