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Clarehouse provides 
a loving home,
quality end-of-life care
and access to
hospice services
to people in need.

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Volunteer Inservices are generally held on the 4th Thursday of each month.

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Clarehouse holds a unique place in the hearts of the loved ones of those who have died here. Our home becomes sacred space and holds the memories of the final days of living. The people and places of the last days of a loved one's life become a part of the fabric of a family story, and healing is found in the retelling and revisiting.
Family and friends return to our campus to visit, share a meal, make a donation, walk the gardens or step into the bedroom where their loved one died and remember . They make that connection, because in the ritual of coming back, they honor the one they lost with their memories, and with a concrete act. Dr. Kenneth Doka discusses ritual as giving extraordinary meaning to the commonplace. Ritual provides symbolic connection to the lost persons.
Over the years, families have engaged in a variety of rituals during their grieving processes, beginning with the first moments after death, when they may participate with the bath and preparation of the body, or release a butterfly from the balcony. Some families return to Clarehouse to celebrate a memorial service in our meeting room or chapel. Some bring donations or a meal on days significant to their loved one. Many visit the memorial stones in the gardens on birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Often, those memorial stones are truly touchstones with their loved ones, where they leave letters, notes, trinkets and mementos.
We honor these rituals of grieving and continually search for enhanced ways to comfort. We are in the process of creating a Memorial Garden - a dedicated garden with space designed to enhance the opportunities for grieving family members to symbolically reconnect with their loved ones. The handicap-accessible garden is located adjacent to the chapel and labyrinth. It is a secluded, protected niche where people can find privacy in nature. Elements of the garden include a focal center - a wall built with niches and crevices - that provides space to leave letters, notes, trinkets and mementos. A bronze sculpture of a girl releasing a dove will join perennial beds to beautify the space and seating will encourage reflection, meditation or prayer. 
The new Memorial Garden will provide a unique space for the work of grieving and healing, offering ongoing service to the mental and emotional health and well-being of families we serve. Stop in to see the work in progress!                      

Kelley Scott, Executive Director
FOCUS ON: Getting Involved

We appreciate all of our donors, whether it be monetary, in-kind or volunteer hours.  We depend on YOU to keep our care available at no charge.  Many ask how they can get involved and what they can do to help.  Here's how:
  • Donate online.
  • Invite friends, family, neighbors, etc. to Welcome Wednesday, which is the second Wednesday of every month from 11:30am-12:30pm.  We provide lunch, information about Clarehouse and a tour. 
  • Join our giving society of committed Clarehouse supporters called the Comfort Circle.
  • Provide in-kind support - view our wish list.
  • Become a monthly supporter through online giving or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).
  • Sponsor our annual event or connect us with individuals or corporations who could.
  • Find out if your employer has a Matching Gifts program.
  • Include Clarehouse in estate gifts.
  • Help us engage in speaking opportunities (corporations, churches, civic groups). We love to share the word about Clarehouse!
If you have questions or would like to know more on how you can get involved, please contact Melissa Taylor  or Stacy Brah.

Julia's Story 
I am Julia and I'm 77. In 2009, I took care of my 51 year old daughter until she passed. In 2010, I took care of my mother until she passed. Then, my 89 year old husband got sick with heart failure. I took care of him in our home for a month before he was put on the list for Clarehouse. I knew he was declining rapidly and knew the day would come when he would be confined to bed and I could not care for him. It was such a gift from God when we got the call that a room was available. Within a week of being there he was confined to bed. And the nurses and caregivers were angels tending to his care. For once in my life I felt like I was rescued. What a blessing for my husband, who was a WWII veteran and the sweetest, hard-working man that ever lived, that he could die in peace with his dignity. Thank you so much for your donations that make this possible.      Julia Kinzer
Cynthia's Story  Exceptional hospitality and thoughtfulness are exhibited everyday at Clarehouse. From my particular vantage point by the front entrance I have the privilege of seeing and/or hearing these acts of kindness daily. For example, recently the family of a guest arrived from the east coast. Their loved one had been admitted only a day before. The nurse on duty met the family at the front door, knew where they were from, informed them that their loved one was asleep, gave them a tour and exhibited complete pleasure at their arrival. I imagined myself in this family's position. How comforting it had to have been to be met in this manner. This is not uncommon. It is extraordinary, but not uncommon, not at Clarehouse. The staff and volunteers are not trained specifically to display this kind of compassion. It is within them. It is at the heart of what is done on an hourly basis. What is "too good to be true" actually is true. I'm grateful  for the view from my office.
Cynthia Outlaw, Support Services Director
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