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     In 2007, at the age of 25, Tony was diag nosed with glioblastoma multiforme (stage 4 brain cancer). Tony underwent numerous rounds of chemotherapy and radiation to treat the cancer. In June 2017, after 10 years with the diagnosis, and after his third craniotomy  we learned the cancer had spread to his cerebral spinal fluid and into his spine. His team at MD Anderson in Houston informed us there were no further treatment options for Tony and recommended hospice. At 35 years old this was not a scenario we had ever envisioned. We made the decision at the time to return to Tulsa and chose Clarehouse for his end-of-life care. We knew little about Clarehouse nor anyone who had been there. God truly placed it in our lap. 

     Our three months at Clarehouse were truly a huge blessing. The staff cried with me, provided hugs, and were a listening ear many days and nights. They welcomed our dog, Ace, as well, giving him lots of love and attention. The care they provided Tony was more than I could have ever imagined. Clarehouse was our home and the staff was our family. I was able to be a wife and not a caretaker for those 3 months and I was able to hold his hand and be right beside him until his final breath while they took care of any needs he had. Clarehouse will forever hold a very special place in my heart.

Amanda Zarbano
FOCUS ON: Giving
Are you wondering how your charitable giving can impact your tax bill? Here is some timely information from our  friend Brian Bailey, CLU, ChFC, CFP, CASL, Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual regarding Qualified Charitable Donations. 
* You are age 70 or older and taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMD's) from your 401(k) or IRA accounts.
*You have historically itemized deductions versus using the standard deduction when filing your Federal tax return.
*You are currently making charitable contributions and including them along with local taxes, mortgage interest, etc. in calculating your itemized deductions.
*The total of those itemized deductions less the charitable contribution amount is less than the newly increased standard deduction ($26,600 for husband and wife both 65 or older and filing jointly.)
*You have not made Qualified Charitable Donations in the past.
     You have the opportunity to significantly reduce your Federal income tax bill. All or some part of that tax savings could enable an enhanced rate of contribution to your favorite local non-profit entity. Only your tax advisor can provide sound advice for your unique circumstances. Ask them how much in taxes could be saved by making a Qualified Charitable Donation in conjunction with the standard deduction.
     We believe in starting the conversation about end-of-life care and planning before a  health crisis. Our Healthcare Toolkits are a hands-on resource provided free of charge to assist individuals and families in these difficult discussions. The toolkit is a custom-built binder to help you get organized and to learn strategies and techniques for becoming your own care manager or a loved one's advocate. We offer the toolkits continually at Clarehouse and through our community education events. Recently, Ashlie Casey, Director of Social Services at Hospice of Green Country and Clarehouse Education Committee Member, connected with a mother and daughter who completed our Healthcare Toolkit.
     "I was barely able to contain my excitement when a family proudly presented me with their completed toolkit. I had been called to a home to assist a daughter and her 98-year-old mother, who was ready to put into action some of the discussions and plans they had for her care. When I asked about her goals and record of her expressed wishes, the daughter retreated to another room and quickly produced the toolkit. I took in a gasp of air and outstretched my arms as if I was reaching for a newborn baby. This was the first time I had seen our books in practice. The daughter and mother had attended the Clarehouse community education series at the library. They went page by page and showed me the work they had completed. It was a full circle moment for me and I am so grateful for the resources being made available to the community through Clarehouse's education program."
     We welcome you to have a conversation with  us about what's important to you in living and  dying and how to best prepare.                                       
Britni Smith, Education Director
Meet Master Gardener, Kim
Clarehouse volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds a nd share various gifts, all for which we are very grateful. Kim Stover's mother passed at Clarehouse in February 2008. When Kim retired from his career at T.D. Williamson in 2017, becoming a Clarehouse volunteer was on his 'to do' list. Putting his newly acquired OSU Master Gardening knowledge to work, he advises us on gardening issues and plans. Kim also makes himself available to assist with our new veterans appreciation program. He presents certificates of appreciation to Clarehouse guests wh o have served in the military. Drawing from his personal experience in the United States Marine Corps where he served in Vietnam, Kim enjoys conversations with our guests who are military veterans. We appreciate Kim and all of our amazingly gifted and generous volunteers.
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