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Clarehouse provides 
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quality end-of-life care
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to people in need.

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     My Mom lived 96 years - fully. Her final day she drove her self to bridge, had multiple grand slams, and then a brain-bleed. 
     Every time I visited my Mom in Arizona we talked about how and where she was living. Did she want to live near us? Move to assisted living? Where? Live independently, in her own home (1,000+ miles from my husband and me)? Did her will and her trust serve her and those affected by it as she currently wanted? Changes in advanced directives? These conversations we had, every time we were together, wore me out. I groaned to my husband and daughter about having to engage in them. I'm sure these conversations were no picnic for Mom either! But have them we did - each visit!
     Because my Mom was of sound mind I did not have to impose anything on her that she didn't want. We both agreed that at the point in time that her mind was not sound, I would step in - moving with her best interests (all documented). The conversations surrounding these things gave her clarity and courage. This virtually living into her vision actually laid the groundwork for how she lived. These difficult conversations were generative and sustaining, not merely informational. Even if her health had changed drastically, we had covered that, too...time and time again.
     I am enormously grateful that her passing was without struggle; it was peaceful. Much of this peace was born from our ongoing dialogue about how she wanted and how she did not want to live. I wouldn't change any of it.
     Having Clarehouse in my life, soon after it was being birthed in Kelley's mind and heart, was and is life-giving.
I am now having these conversations with my husband and children. And so it goes. 

Marcia Sayles, Clarehouse Supporter
FOCUS ON: Gratitude

     Delivering 14 years of Clarehouse care to our community has been our great honor and privilege. Throughout the years, we have enjoyed incredibly generous support that enables us to provide our compassionate services free of charge-an astonishing gift to our guests and families. This fall, we found charitable giving dropping to worrisome levels. Protected by an operational reserve, we tapped into that, but knew we had to take action to ensure our sustainability. Around Thanksgiving, we wrote to our donors, explained our need and asked for help. What followed was six weeks of robust and re-affirming giving that resoundingly validates our mission and services.
     We are deeply grateful to serve in a community which believes in the importance of creating and maintaining a safe haven for those dying in need. I've often referred to Clarehouse as "the gift Tulsa gives itself", and seeing that gift extended first-hand, to so many hurting people, inspires a faith in the goodness of us all, and the change we can make in our world. Thank you. Thank you for partnering with us and advocating for us, as together we engage in Living. Loving. Sharing.

                                         Kelley Scott, Executive Director
     In the Fall of 2017, I found Clarehouse while visiting my cousin. As a native Californian, I had wanted to experience the Tulsa community---to learn, be involved, and contribute in a significant way. Clarehouse provided me that perfect opportunity. My experience as a 4-week volunteer was awakening, inspiring, soothing, and tremendously meaningful. I learned about Clarehouse itself, as a free, care-giving community resource, and received moving insight into one of our society's most unasked and unspoken topics: death and the dying process. Among the dying and their family, I witnessed great trial and tribulation, but also tremendous compassion and joy. I've seen fellow human beings at their most vulnerable and their strongest. I was reminded that even at times of most pain and difficulty, there is so much to realize, so much to share, and so much to celebrate.
     In a setting where we are reminded of life's impermanence, Clarehouse not only underlines our need as individuals to cherish every moment, but encourages us to be involved in making them beneficial. Clarehouse's gentle approach expresses that as somber as death and dying can be, not only are they natural parts of life, but awareness of such must be used as a means of enhancing our lives.
     Of everything gained from my experience at warm, woodsy Clarehouse, what I learned from the most as a volunteer was the essential lesson of giving unconditionally and the impact it has on others. The loving, grateful reactions I received from guests, their families, and even staff and fellow volunteers were testament to the effect of one's helpful actions, and the intent behind them, whether it be merely offering company or emptying trash. No act of kindness is too small, no contribution is insignificant, and no caring thought, motivated by concern for others, is without positive result.
     We often take for granted the value of a single moment. At Clarehouse however, I was reminded of how precious time is, and how something as simple as bringing someone a chocolate-chip cookie or cup of warm water can make a difference towards peace and comfort.

Donald Pham, Volunteer
     After learning about the Clarehouse mission regarding end of life and dignity, I realized the philosophy was special and something I wanted to share with my students. My classes have benefitted from the End-of-Life Workshops presented by Clarehouse in several ways:
  •  Helps Tulsa Tech to train a more educated health care professional
  •  Opportunity for students to impact their community by volunteering and donating
  •  Increases the students' knowledge regarding nursing contributions and changes about how health care is delivered
  •  Opportunity for Tulsa Tech to reduce the preparation - practice gap
  •  Opportunity for me as the instructor to supplement/review current curriculum
  •  Opportunity for students to participate in internships and clinical placement.
     The Clarehouse philosophy is all about nurturing the client. It is a beautiful environment with comforting sights and sounds. At Clarehouse, death is less of a medical event and more of family event surrounded by love and care. There truly is no other place in this region that offers students the opportunity to learn and observe an alternate end-of-life care choice. It is also a magnificent illustration of how impactful an individual can be when they choose to take the path less traveled.                                              

Crystal Stewart,
Instructor, Certified Nurse Assistant, Tulsa Tech
"The accommodations are wonderful, warm, and welcoming. Every staff member and volunteer that we came into contact with was very professional but at the same time, had a calm and compassionate demeanor. I have shared our experience with a number of friends and many have said that if they or any family member needs hospice care, they hope to come to Clarehouse."

Pat Woodrum, Family Member
Want to Help?

Volunteers like Brenda Estes and Terry Cannon extend great hospitality preparing and serving hot meals. We are grateful for their loving kindness. If you would like to contribute a meal, sign up at takethemameal.com or call Cynthia at 918.893.6150.

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