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Clarehouse provides 
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to people in need.

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My family had heard wonderful things about Clarehouse, but being here with my Grandmother was more wonderful than we could have ever imagined.
When the time comes to say goodbye to a loved one, nothing can prepare you, because everyone's journey through the valley of death is unique. Every day we came to Clarehouse and as we stepped through the front door, the tenderness, love and compassion were so genuine, so heartfelt and...so needed. We were amazed at the care and dignity given to my Grandmother, as the love showered down upon each family member there was more than we had ever expected.

For three weeks, Clarehouse was our home away from home. Having a place to come to that welcomed you with beautiful landscaping, walkways, home cooked meals along with the cleanliness and attention given to every detail for the family's comfort was greatly appreciated. Each person was intentional, sensitive and compassionate through this difficult valley, which in turn, allowed my Grandmother and our family to embrace the journey and leave with memories that we will always treasure. And for that, we will always be grateful for our time at Clarehouse. Now, we look for ways that we can give back, so that other families can have the same kind of experience that our family had.

Rebecca Carter, Family Member of Recent Guest  
FOCUS ON: Giving

If you are an owner of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and aged 70½ or older, you may want to consider making charitable donations through a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). Because of the new tax law that has increased the standard federal income tax deduction for those 65 and older to $25,600 for married couples and to $13,300 for singles, more tax payers will be taking the standard deduction and not itemizing their charitable and other deductions. However, with the use of a QCD, which is a direct payment from one's IRA to a qualifying charitable organization, such as Clarehouse, one can take the standard deduction and effectively add a charitable deduction on top of that, by having such gift(s) be excluded from income. That is, such charitable gifts are considered part of one's Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), but are excluded from taxable RMD income. For example if one's RMD for the year was $50,000 and the tax payer gifted $10,000 to charitable organizations, the taxable income would only be $40,000 and not $50,000.

Qualified Charitable Distributions can satisfy all or part of your Required Minimum Distribution up to $100,000 maximum. A QCD payment must be made either directly from the IRA account to the charitable organization, or by a check made out to the charitable organization that is mailed to the donor (taxpayer) for transmittal to the organization.  
Dave Kroll, Certified Financial Planner and Clarehouse Volunteer
Donor trust is crucial to us and we are committed to public accountability and transparency.  The following  documents are available for public review:
Annual Audit -  IRS Form 990 -  Annual Report
Tax Exemption Application
Contact Carla Meyer, Treasurer, at  cosmok4@yahoo.com  
Volunteers come to Clarehouse with a variety of life experiences and for many reasons. Some wish to give of their time because they have personally experienced a significant loss and are able to relate to others who are in the midst of their own grief. Some understand the value of our service because they experienced it themselves as a loved one of a Clarehouse guest. We provide a unique setting where loved ones have a place to shed a tear, make a difficult phone call or enjoy a cup of coffee while sharing a memory. Clarehouse is a place where these meaningful moments are normal parts of everyday life.    

Volunteers are important team members. By listening and providing a quiet presence, we serve families and guests in a way many people find uncomfortable. Slowing down to give another your full attention is a unique skill in today's world.

Whether it's sitting with a guest or their loved one, greeting people at the front desk, helping care for the grounds, performing household tasks or assisting with mailings - all acts of service of our volunteers are needed and appreciated.

If you are interested in contributing as a Clarehouse volunteer, email Cynthia Outlaw, coutlaw@clarehouse.org .
If you are no longer able to speak for yourself,  could your family and loved ones easily offer information about goals of care or insurance benefits or know of the existence and location of healthcare directives or  financial accounts? What about current medications and dosage, a comprehensive medical history, or even if you'd want a burial or cremation? If you're not prepared for situations like these, we can help you get there. Our education program continually works to share knowledge about advanced care planning by helping start the conversation and provide the tools needed to put your  priorities and desires into action. We realize that tragedy and death do not discriminate, so we ask you to consider what you would want in the event of life-threatening illness or accident, and how you would make those wishes known.

Our Healthcare Toolkits are a comprehensive resource created to guide you through the completion and organization of your legal, financial, and healthcare documents. Eight tabs neatly organize the information, offering quick access and easing the stress of locating the information in an urgent situation. The toolkit is more than just a box to check on your project list; it's a gift to your family. To learn more about advanced care planning or to receive a Healthcare Toolkit, email Britni Smith, bsmith@clarehouse.org .
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