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Clarehouse provides a loving home, quality end-of-life care and access to hospice services to people in need.
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     I have worked in the field of end-of-life care at Clarehouse for over 11 years.  I have been at the bedside of hundreds of people as they near that final breath of life.  When I think back through the years and experiences, I am humbled to realize all of the lives I have had the privilege to touch at the most intimate and vulnerable moments.  The experience and the education is something that I am proud to have and to share.  I truly love what I do with a passion and dedication.


     All of this experience doesn't eliminate the overwhelming feelings of fear, sadness, anxiety, and loss when "it" hits home.  I have experienced two great losses of loved ones since I began my journey in this field.  My wonderful father-in-law died from cancer a few years ago.  Most recently, my granny passed away.  My granny was more than a grandmother to me and my siblings.  She raised us for a few years when we were young.  Her impact in my life has helped make me the person I am today.  As a family member in this situation, I felt the fear of not knowing what was next, the hope for one more day, the excitement from seeing her take one bite of jello, and the sting of loss when that last breath finally came and went.  What seemed like was taking forever at one moment was over so fast that I couldn't catch my breath.  I remember being in the room as the funeral home was picking up her body.  I remember suddenly feeling as if I was in a dream, then I was dizzy and hot and even felt nauseous.  Even though I have assisted the funeral home more times than I can count, I could not stay in the room while her body was being moved to the gurney.  I was helpless.  My granny was gone and it suddenly felt so final and I was incredibly sad.


     I have witnessed all of these emotions in the families that I have cared for.  I have been the shoulder for them to cry on, the sounding board for them to vent to, the person that tries to provide some level of comfort during this time of intense grief.  I can now say that I have "been there" and I know this hurt first hand.  I can reach beyond my natural instinct of compassion and all of the years of experience and truly have a memory of how much this hurts.  My granny gave me this one last gift.  She taught me morals and values and life skills as a child, and she taught me empathy as an adult.         


Stephanie Carrico, RN, Clinical Director

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We are grateful to the 4th graders at Legacy Christian Academy for their gifts of household items!
     What are the last two things that happen in a movie theater just before the feature begins?  You are asked to silence your wireless devices and the lights go out. That replaces your own reality with the reality the movie wants to create for you, and you become immersed in the experience.  Esther M. Sternberg, M.D., author of "Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well Being," contends that creating environments and experiences that promote healing allows the body to best take advantage of medicine and treatments. According to Dr. Sternberg, research has proven that if a person's brain releases endorphins and dopamine that induce a relaxation response, the human body is better able to utilize medicine and treatment.


     Obviously, looking at a beautiful view does something to the human brain. Why else would we pay more to have a hotel room with a view?  Many of us are familiar with the words of Psalm 23. Green pastures and still waters are places that restore our soul.  Clarehouse staff and volunteers create experiences that help our guests and families take advantage of healing.  Pet therapy dogs demonstrate unconditional love, musicians and vocalists soothe the space with music, while home-made comfort food shared by families, staff, and volunteers around the dining room table fill them with warm food and hospitality.  Soft colors in the home-like guest rooms help ease anxiety.  Friendly visitor volunteers perform listening as an active act of love.


     The Clarehouse labyrinth is a space that allows you to walk calmly and meditate.  A nearby water feature offers natural sound and surrounding trees offer a woodland view. A labyrinth is not a maze which has dead ends, blocks your view, minimizes your sense of direction, and forces you to make multiple choices. Unlike a maze, the labyrinth is a meditative path in a pattern on the ground.  You are able to see where you are going, you walk the path to the center, you meditate in the center, and walk the pathway out to the beginning again.  It is a place of peace, calm, and movement that stimulates a relaxation response.


     Modern science offers medical professionals many tools to measure a patient's response to care.  Clarehouse uses these tools, but maybe the best way to measure our work is to simply listen to our guests and families. The son of a recent guest who spent a few days in our home describes Clarehouse care, our support, and the healing space this way, "It makes my heart feel good."

Mike Douthitt, Support Services Director