Volume 18-7 |July 2018


Harbor Happenings
Medical Expenses Are Breaking the Budget
You can save the lives of needy animals at Bellwether!
Bellwether Harbor is dedicated to taking in abused, abandoned and neglect dogs and cats. We have always taken in sick and hurt animals. Often these animals come from other shelters. This past month has been a flurry of needy cats and dogs with injuries and diseases and they have broken our budget.

Our policy is that every dog and cat life matters. We know that not every outcome will be positive. We mourn those, but take pride in our high rate of success.

We make decision based on the needs of the animal, not the dollars. Please help us continue that policy of only looking at what is best for the dog or cat in our care and not having to make decisions based on whether we can afford the treatment.

“My name is Snickerdoodle and I have heartworms. So do 4 of my new friends. I've received my first treatment, but I have two more to go. For each dog, I’ve heard the costs can be as high as $1,000.”
Snickerdoodle will be kept quiet until October. She will receive 3 doses of the medicine and dose 2 and 3 are back to back to kill the strings of white worms that have taken root in her heart and lungs.
Snickerdoodle is tolerating the first dose of medicine as is Bandito, an older canine whose odd’s aren’t as high. Isaac, Jarvis and Happy Hogan will be starting their treatment soon. Costs will exceed $5,000.
“Won't you help me and my friends?”
Happy Hogan
Broken legs require surgery, special care & $$
Tony Stark
This Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix was named after Iron Man because he hides his pain well. He came from another shelter and is such a happy dog. That joy masked how much pain he was in. His back leg had been broken for a while or healed badly and re-injured recently. He is still healing from surgery to correct the injury. That doesn't stop his exuberance in greeting everyone he meets.
Itty Bitty
Memorial Day was not a good holiday for Itty. She was hit by a car in the Croton area and brought to a vet for treatment. Her owner was found but was unable to pay the bill. Itty Bitty was surrendered and transferred to Bellwether for recuperation. She has since had another surgery and the pin in her leg has been removed. Soon she will be ready for adoption when her rehabilitation and heeling is complete.
Cars are not kind to small kittens
This small kitten had injuries consistent with being thrown from a car including road rash on her chin and body. Pictured is a photo after she had surgery for a broken jaw which was discovered after being x-rayed because she wasn't eating.
This little sweetie is now eating well and growing. This cutie has already found her forever home and left the shelter on Thursday. We can't wait to hear how well she is doing as she grows up.
Bridget was named because she was found on the bridge on Maple Island. While she she was not hit by a car, she was flung off the road by air flow as it passed over her. A bystander who witnessed the event took her to Bellwether. During her spay, an issue with her lungs was discovered. Another surgery was needed as her intestines had migrated through a hole in her diaphragm. Bridget received lots of attention for the next week. She spent hours with staff in a special apron to keep her close and immobile while they did their other duties. She still likes to be cuddled and is recovering nicely.
Thank you Fremont Area Community Foundation. We received $10,000 grant for operating expenses and up to an additional $5,000 in matching money, if we raise $10,000. All donations to help care for these injured animals will qualify toward the matching money.
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