Dear CAI Family,

I hope that you had an opportunity to read the email Rabbi Lucas sent on Tuesday, October 10, “Supporting Israel and Each Other.” Rabbi clearly articulated CAI’s stance on Israel, “At CAI we support Israel unconditionally and totally and its right to defend itself.” He also outlined various resources and programs to help our community heal.

The brutality inflicted upon innocent Jews in our homeland is difficult for me, and I imagine many of you, to process. It has, however, been comforting for me to attend rallies and prayer vigils and feel the support and resolve of the Jewish community. Here at CAI, in addition to daily minyanim that have been expanded to include prayers for Israel, we have scheduled two meaningful programs this coming weekend. I hope you will join me:

On Saturday night, October 21, at 8:30 pm, we welcome Rabbi Josh Warshawsky to lead us in a CONCERT FOR PEACE. Rabbi Warshawsky has had a huge impact on the world of Jewish music. Rabbi Lucas wrote, “Wherever Rabbi Warshawsky goes, his magnetic personality and enthusiasm brings Jews of all ages and different backgrounds closer to each other and to Jewish music.”


On Sunday, October 22, at 10:00 am our Annual Walk for Israel will take place. This year, our Walk will be a march in solidarity with Israel.


Both programs are appropriate for all ages and a wonderful way for your family to show support for Israel. Please encourage your friends to join, even those who are not members of CAI. These programs not only help to heal the community at large but are also a signal of our strength.


Matt Fischer


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