MARCH 2019 | Issue #75
We have another IA!
And he was with us the entire time too.
A home grown success story.

When Jamie Marookian started with us back in March of 2013 he was not only an accomplished pilot, but also very skilled with loads of mechanical aptitude.

His skills and passion for aviation allowed him to work and gain tons of experience, while at the same time studying to earn his A&P license.

But it didn't end there.
Today we are very excited and proud to share some even bigger news.

Please join us in congratulating Jamie Marookian who just completed and passed his test for Inspector Authorization. (with a perfect score, no less).

Way to go, Jamie!
Always ready to lend a hand - Space is tight in a Lancair 320. An extra set of hands is always appreciated. Thanks, Jamie!
A Ground Crew Warrior - Getting a T-28 Trojan Warbird ready for Oshkosh is no small task. Jamie proves it's the work behind the scenes that makes it a perfect air show performance.
Mentoring knows no bounds -Jamie demonstrates proper lifting technique and the fact that we sell oil to go! Oh, and free delivery to the trunk of your car too - a customer service bonus.
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