Tuesday, April 21, 2020. Issue #11.

Jewish Peoplehood
Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) begins at sundown on Monday, April 21. The opportunity to bear witness to and learn from the experiences of Holocaust survivors is a privilege that will soon be gone as we lose the last generation who lived through this period of time. Please join us.
Marin's Virtual Yom Hashoah
 Holocaust Remembrance Day
TONIGHT: Tuesday, April 21 at 5pm.

Music, Poetry, Stories, Collective Remembrance.
Let the light from your Yahrzeit candle join the thousands around the world as we recommit ourselves to recognizing and combatting anti-semitism. The event is presented by the Partners for Jewish Life in Marin: Brandeis Marin, Congregations Kol Shofar and Rodef Sholom, Jewish Family and Children’s Services, and the Osher Marin JCC.
The Museum of Jewish Heritage presents a beautiful trailer for a new documentary, Won't Be Silent, about a long-lost piece of music that renowned composer Wolf Durmashkin wrote in a concentration camp in 1943.

Young singers from HaZamir Choir performed the song at the 2019 Annual Gathering of Remembrance and offer a message of renewed commitment to carry on the memory of the Holocaust and to ensure a better future for all.
The Museum of Tolerance has also created a stunning online immersive exhibit on the life of Anne Frank.
Read through facsimile sheets of her writing, experience a cinematic dramatization of the annex she was hidden in, and hear the emotional responses of exhibit visitors.
Adult Learning & Living
Come Zoom with us.
We'll teach you how.

Let's get you connected and engaged!

We have created several resources to help you get and learn Zoom – the web-based video conferencing tool that allows users to meet online, with or without video. You can use it to see and chat with one or more friends online or even to attend a lecture or class while at home.
For details, free step-by-step manuals, and information about free online practice sessions, sign up.
Cultural Arts & Trips
Destination: Skagen, Denmark
I am so excited to take you to the northern most tip of Denmark, to a charming fishing village, to one of my favorite museums in the world! In the late 19th-century, Skagen (pronounced “skein” as in “skein of yarn”) became the home to a colony of Scandinavian artists. Inspired by French Realism, the artists found their subjects on the beaches, on the moors, in the cabins of the local fishermen and, of course, in their own familiar surroundings. “The Skagen Painters,” as they were called, included artists such as Peder Severin Krøyer, Anna & Michael Ancher, Viggo Johansen and Christian Krohg.
These early advocates of modern Scandinavian painting were in direct opposition to the traditional academic painting and the Danish Golden Age tradition.

Explore the local museum. Learn more about these masters’ works. Tour highlights of the Museum’s collection.
For an interesting article on the Skagen Painters:
Performing Arts
The Brothers Comatose
This local band is always so well received and put on such a great show. They've often performed for our popular Summer Nights' concerts at the J, and they've just released a new album and are proving they truly have longevity, creativity, and talent!

Enjoy this Bill Withers' cover and see what else is keeping these guys busy:
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Camp & Youth
An exciting and unique opportunity from WildCare!

Watch Mohave the Desert Tortoise enjoying the sun in WildCare's Courtyard.

WildCare will be streaming videos of their animals every weekday at 1pm PST on WildCare's Facebook page, so feel free to head on over daily for some animal fun!
Early Childhood Education
Smelly Playdough builds great writers!

This fun and engaging activity also supports fine-motor development and pre-writing skills by building the muscles that help children get ready to hold a pencil.

Try this recipe at home:
Health & Fitness
Tai Chi Workshop
Saturday, April 25
11:30 - 1 PM
Instructor Calvin Alhgren
Enjoy slow-paced martial arts movements. Practiced regularly, Tai Chi increases muscle strength, balance, and flexibility; it also enhances will power and visualization.

Staying home. Staying fit.
Live and pre-recorded classes from your favorite Osher Marin JCC instructors

www.marinjcc.org/ virtualworkouts
And stay well, Friends.
We miss you.

Expect Issue #12 on Thursday, April 23rd.