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Why Pumpkin?

What are the perks of pumpkin?  (and we're talking REAL pumpkin, not pumpkin spice lattes!)

"One cup of cubed pumpkin provides 30 calories and less than 1 gram of fat," Anya Guy, a Mayo Clinic dietician explains.  Pumpkin is a great source of fiber, iron and potassium. It's also a versatile, healthy substitute for recipes. 

Did you know that pumpkin is also found in our Complete powders? AND Juice Plus+ recently introduced the Complete Combo pack - it's now easier that ever to get Complete into your daily diet, whether you're at home or you're traveling! 
Are You Full? Are You Sure?
What you'll learn in this fun, informative video may help you on Thanksgiving Day!

Does being hungry generate a powerful and unpleasant physical sensation for you? Is it almost impossible to ignore?

After you've reacted by gorging on your meal, you then start to experience an opposing force: fullness. But how does your body actually know when you're full? Watch the video to learn more!
Vitamin D: to take or not take?
Vitamin D - should we add this supplement to our daily regimen? Did you know that it's a hormone, not a vitamin? So many questions about D which continue to perplex medical professionals and lay people alike.

While the debate continues, many experts are looking to Brigham and Women's Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School in Boston, whose researchers are carrying out a long-awaited randomized  trial, VITAL, to investigate whether supplementation of vitamin D has any effect on cancer, stroke and heart disease in 25,000 adults.

It's hoped that these results, expected to publish later this year, will bring the debate closer to being resolved. In the meantime, there's never any question about the benefits of fruits & veggies! 
Five Reasons Why Corporate Gardens Are a Growing Trend
tower garden
In the last several years, employee gardens have sprouted up at giant corporations - such as Toyota and PepsiCo - and smaller companies alike. This growing trend is in large part due to the fact that workplace gardens provide the following five benefits:
  • Improve employee health (and performance).
  • Strengthen team relationships.
  • Enhance corporate image.
  • Attract new hires.
  • Yield fresh, free lunch!
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