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Nearly 70% of Identity Thefts Occur Offline
If you have any uncertainty about records your company  needs to destroy, please read this email. Feel free to  circulate it to colleagues. 

Last year 13.1 million adults in the U.S. were victims of identity fraud. Nearly 70% of the problems occurred offline. The reason? A lack of proper information disposal, along with inadequate document shredding programs within businesses and organizations.
The Disposal Rule, established in 2005 as part of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), is an important piece of legislation designed to protect consumers. It applies to large and small organizations that obtain information from consumers for a variety of reasons, from determining eligibility for employment to reviewing credit history.  
The Disposal Rule states that any person who maintains or otherwise possesses consumer information for a business purpose is required to properly dispose of the information in electronic and paper form. The Rule also states that you have to take reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized access to, or use of, the information in connection with its disposal. If you ignore or don't fully comply with the law, you're exposing yourself and your company to serious risks. 

Examples of records that need to be properly, safely destructed include:
 Customer Lists
 Accounting Information
 Credit Card Information  Employee/Personnel Records
 Medical Records  Payroll Information
 Signatures  Customers' Mailing Lists
 Budget Data  Financial Reports
 Invoices  Cancelled Checks
 Legal Contracts  Tax Records
 Applications for Employment  Social Security Information
 Correspondence  Bank Statements
 Confidential Letters/Memos

We have a variety of options for handling your document destruction needs. Whatever destruction method is used, you can rest assured that the Paper Tiger team will properly, securely shred your documents. We are AAA Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction and guarantee we follow the law.
If you have documents you need destroyed - now, or on an ongoing basis - or you aren't certain if the shredding service you use is NAID AAA Certified, call us at 847-599-9700 or send one of us an email. We can help!
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