"Sticking with that uncertainty, getting the knack of relaxing in the midst of chaos, learning not to panic-this is the spiritual path."
~Pema Chodron
Welcome to Unite Us Yoga- where everyone belongs. Join me for Hatha yoga with Iyengar inspired teaching. You will laugh, learn, lighten up, and listen with attentiveness to the whispers of your soul...to live life full and open hearted!

Reccomended reading for this series is anything by author Pema Chodron. Check out her work. Her writing is inspiring, life giving and life changing.

New Session begins Aug 27-Oct 8
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All Classes are for a 6 week series.
First time student-10$
Drop in- 15$
6 class pass-$75 ($12.50/class)
10 class pass-$120 (12/class) 1-2 classes/week
12 class pass-$138 ($11.50/class) 2 classes/week

Guilford County School Teachers get a special rate of 10$/class, but I ask that you commit to a 6 week series.
If you are experiencing financial difficulty please reach out. I want yoga to be accessible for all. Together, we can work out a plan that works for your budget.

Class passes good for 6 weeks (unless with injury or sickness). There is always a little wiggle room :)

Class Descriptions/Times

Yoga on the wall- Level 1. Monday 6:30pm- This class will explore lots of yoga stretching and foundational postures to bring strength and balance to your body. We will use the yoga wall to refine our poses, to traction our spines, and we also use lots of cool props and tools in this class. 75 minutes.

Yoga for Athletes and Weekend Warriors- Tuesday 4:45-5:45pm -This is a combo class of stretch, flow, strength and balance poses, and a little touch of restorative. Excellent for runners, bikers, golfers, athletes, and busy parents on the go. 60 minute class!

Level 2-Tuesday 6:15pm - This class will explore a variety of intermediate poses and will begin to delve deeper into the breath practices of yoga called "pranayama". This class will be delightfully challenging! This class will move at a comfortable pace so even people newer to the practice can follow along. There will always be modifications taught for every pose. 75 minutes.

Yoga for Spinal Health with the Great Yoga Wall-Thursday 6:15pm- This class will be a gentle combination of hip/leg stretching, low back stretching, core strengthening, and use of yoga wall with the "Spinal Rejuvenation Sequence" for every class to traction and decompress your spine. A must for anyone with back pain, or wanting to experience greater freedom in their body. 75 minutes.

Express Multi level Flow Friday-6:30am- Start your morning off right with gentle stretching and then move into a beautiful flow of movements to loosen your body and focus your mind! 60 minutes.

Mindful Movement Friday 9:30am - Multi level class that explores the foundational practices of hatha yoga. Standing poses, stretching, inversions, twists. All will be covered in this beautiful, energizing class! 75 minutes.

Yoga for Healing-Starts Sunday, September 23, 3pm
This class will be a sweet offering of meditation, visualization, and breath work into the subtle body to promote healing. This class is for all levels, but will focus on the more subtle aspects of yoga. Great for anxiety, illness, depression, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, chronic pain, and so on. 75 minutes.

All classes must have a minimum of 6 to start/keep class open. Class passes are for 6 weeks. Making a commitment to yourself in a yoga practice has tremendous benefits, mind, body, and spirit.
Food to Go Will be offered on Monday and Thursday Evenings for now. Please take advantage of Matt's amazing cooking!
There is still time to sign up for our amazing retreat! Floyd Yoga Retreat info click here
Ease away back to school stress with a massage by the gifted Michael Brasunas LMBT from Asheville, NC. He has been coming here for 2 years! He will be here Tuesday, 9/11, and Wednesday, 9/26. Email him here for your massage appointment!
Goat Yoga
We added 4 more classes due to the popularity of these classes!
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September 8- 9:30am
September 9- 3pm
September 15- 9:30am
September 16-3pm
I will be featured in the O'Henry magazine in September! Please grab a copy and look for the "Life is Funny" column and read all about Goat yoga!
We also do private parties. We have 7 scheduled parties already for the month of September! Great for Birthdays, corporate events, friends groups etc..
Naaaaa-maste, Cathy