~ Dear Advisory Committee Members, Missoula Location ~

There is a lot of change in the air right now - change in the weather,
change in the time of year we've scheduled your advisory committee
meetings, and a change in location for the Missoula meeting.

Southwest Montana School Services has teamed up with the
Missoula Food Bank & Community Center , and they're hosting
your meeting space on Friday. Here are some important details and
things to consider as you prepare for your trip to Missoula:
Your meeting is on Friday, November 2nd, from 10am - 2pm.

The address is 1720 Wyoming St, Missoula, MT 59801.

The Food Bank has requested that you not park in their parking lot as it is
for customers only. You are welcome to park on any of the side streets.

Enter through the front door on Wyoming street - they'll be expecting you.

DONATIONS of food items would be greatly appreciated by the Food Bank.
Thank you so much for your participation!
We appreciate your time and your expertise,
and we love seeing your smiling faces.

See you this Friday!
Cindy Giese
(406) 366-9829
Jennifer Brekke
(406) 522-6024
Southwest Montana School Services | (406) 522-6024 | www.swmss.coop