June 3, 2020 | Volume 11 | Pre-season
2020 CSA Begins June 11

Welcome to your handy HOW-TO Guide for TCG's 2020 CSA season--thank you in advance for taking the time to read thoroughly. A complete Delivery Schedule is given at the foot of this message. Add the dates to your own calendar, for handy reference.

If you have questions that are not answered below, please contact the appropriate person, as detailed in the "Communications" article.

There are usually a few wrinkles at the start of the season, so thanks in advance for your good humor and patience as we work to get them straightened out.

Thanks to all of you for joining us here at Turtle Creek Gardens CSA—either again or for the first time. We look forward to sharing with you all that this season has in store. 

Also, a shout-out to all our fine pick-up site hosts for offering their hospitality season after season. We couldn't do it without you!

Warm Regards,
Christi Lee Ehler
TCG Newsletter Editor
Guide to CSA Communications
  • You will receive this by email every TUESDAY evening regardless of whether it’s your pickup week—the subject line of the pickup reminder email tells you which week it is. The Week 1/A issue will be sent June 9.

  • The newsletter contains a list of produce you will receive in your box*, announcements, farm updates, recipes, and tips for using your veggies. (*Changes in the produce you receive may occur due to weather or harvest conditions between newsletter publication and delivery day.)

  • Member submissions are welcome! Share with your fellow CSA members: reflections, photos, favorite recipes, or a one-liner about how you used your turnips--it doesn't have to be fancy.

  • Accidentally deleted a newsletter you wanted to save? You can access it by link through our website.
  • As your Newsletter Editor, I manage TCG's email lists--including share type and delivery site information. I compose, edit, and curate content for the CSA Newsletter and other announcements; coordinate CSA-related announcements for TCG's Facebook page, and keep TCG's website up-to-date.

  • If you hit "Reply" to an email from newsletter@turtlecreekgardenscsa.com, it will come to me--which is fine, so long as it's me you're trying to reach. Send me feedback or questions on the newsletter or other communications, and submissions for the newsletter. See below for who to contact for other issues.
  • Janet Gamble, Farm Manager: farmmanager@turtlecreekgardenscsa.com Contact Janet with questions about Farm Store offerings (see "Extras", below); payments; if you want to stop your box due to vacation; if you have general questions or feedback about the farm and CSA.

  • Your Pick-up site host: This information was given in your confirmation letter. Contact your host directly when you are unable to pick up your box on time.

  • If you know well in advance that you cannot pick up a certain week please contact Janet or delegate a friend to pick up your box (It's a good idea to notify your site host that a friend will be picking up; make sure to have your friend cross your name off the checklist)
Guide to CSA Pick-up
As a courtesy to our hosts, please wear a mask when you pick up your produce. We will provide hand sanitizer at each drop site for your use.

We expect all members to pick up their produce during the 4-6 pm time frame (except Whitewater 5-7pm).

In the event you can’t make that time, it is your responsibility to contact your host and make alternative arrangements with them directly.

If you arrive after the pickup time and have not contacted your host in advance about your late arrival, know that your box may no longer be available. Hosts may use or donate any unclaimed produce as they see fit.  

Each pickup site will have a check list of names. When you take your vegetable, meat, and/or egg share(s) please cross your name off the list so the host knows who has picked up. Most of our hosts will be on site to assist subscribers at the time of pickup for the first week or two.

Make sure you are taking the correct box for your share type. Every-other-week (EOW) share boxes have a bright green EOW label.

Each box has a label with an illustration of how to break it down. Please flatten and return all boxes to your host site. If you get in the habit of bringing a basket or cooler to carry home your produce (leaving the box behind at the host site) you won’t end up with a collection of boxes in your garage and we will maintain a steady supply of boxes throughout the season.
Guide to Extras
Meat, eggs, and other perishables will be delivered to the pick-up sites in coolers. Please bring your own coolers for transfer and leave the TCG coolers at the site.

  • Meat Shares: will be delivered in June, July, and August, beginning with your first box of the season. (Week 1 for Full Share and EOW A, Week 2 for EOW B) We will make an announcement in the newsletter before each meat delivery.
  • Egg Shares: one dozen eggs delivered weekly or every-other week, depending on your share type.

(The Online Farm Store) We use the online service FarmMatch to host a virtual Farm Store, which opens each week Friday-Sunday throughout the CSA season. Offerings include extra produce, produce in larger quantities for preserving, seasonal fruit, animal products from TCG and our partner farms, honey, TCG's sauerkraut, and more.

  • We send a “store is open” email notice each Thursday night and a reminder each Sunday morning. When possible, we include a preview of what is likely to be in your CSA box the coming week, to help you plan.

  • The items you order will be delivered with your regular CSA share at your next pickup. If you are an EOW subscriber, you may order extras on your "off" week as long as you pick them up on the same "off" week.

  • If you are new to FarmMatch, the site will prompt you to set up an account. There is a small administrative fee added to your order by the FarmMatch service.

All questions about Farm Store products and orders should be directed to Janet.
Delivery Schedule for 2020 CSA

1/A June 11
2/B June 18
3/A June 25
4/B July 2
5/A July 9
6/B July 16
7/A July 23
8/B July 30
9/A August 6
10/B August 13
11/A August 20
12/B August 27
13/A September 3
14/B September 10
15/A September 17
16/B September 24
17/A October 1
18/B October 8

1: October 22
2: November 5
3: November 19
Turtle Creek Gardens, LLC | 262-441-0520 |
Janet Gamble, Farm Manager: farmmanager@turtlecreekgardenscsa.com
Christi Lee Ehler, Newsletter Editor: newsletter@turtlecreekgardenscsa.com