December 29, 2020
Dear Kona Kai Members -

As you are all aware, the County of Santa Clara is under a "stay at home" order in an effort to help avert a crisis in our healthcare system. To help clarify what this means for Kona Kai, Stephen Chen, a Board member, contacted the County to inquire whether we could open our courts to more than one family per court. The response he received was as follows.

"tennis and other recreational activities would only be allowed at this time outdoors and solely with members of your own household". (December 22, 2020)

Since the beginning of the pandemic the position of Kona Kai has been, and still is, that we must follow the law by operating under the restrictions put in place by both the County Board of Health and the State Department of Health. When they conflict, we are required by law to follow the more restrictive rules. This is not a matter where we have discretion over which to follow. Right now, we must follow the County's rule. This means that you can still enjoy Kona Kai to -

a. Swim (book a time and lane via our Skedda system)
b. Use the fitness room, one family at a time (booking required)
c. Enjoy the playground, one family at a time (booking required)
d. Play tennis with your family members (Skedda booking required)
e. Sign up to use our ball machine (contact the office to set this up)
f. Play basketball, one family at a time (booking required)

We understand that some other clubs, recreation facilities and organizations are making other operating choices.  However, we plan to continue operating under these requirements which are specified to last until Jan. 4, 2020. We believe that the best thing we can do to support the community effort to combat this pandemic is to do as required and follow the restrictions that the County Health Department has put in place.  

We fully understand how frustrating and disappointing it is for our members to not have access to Kona Kai and all its amenities during this time and we guarantee that we are paying attention to the changing rules and we will ease restrictions and reopen the Club just as soon as we can do so.

We would like to assure everyone that -

1. Kona Kai follows the County Dept of Health rules for operating as it is required to do
2. We are paying attention to the changing situation and will reopen as soon as we can.
3. We will clearly communicate with everyone about all changes as they occur.
4. Questions, comments and concerns can be emailed to the Office or to the Board and will be answered in a timely manner.

We thank you all for your support and understanding in these very difficult times.  We hope you all stay safe in your bubbles and we look forward to reopening as soon as we can.

With best wishes for a better year ahead.

The Kona Kai Board
The Kona Kai Tennis Committee
The Kona Kai Swim Committee
The Kona Kai Staff

Email the Board -
Email Sharon, Club Manager