"Physicians for Social Responsibility — Pennsylvania should be an essential and unified voice for physicians and other healthcare professionals working in the Commonwealth who are dedicated to protecting and improving the health of our patients, our environment, and our planet. By bringing the network of Pennsylvania chapters together into a single entity — PSR Pennsylvania --  we strengthen that voice as we create a scaffold of professional support that helps health providers tackle environmental health issues affecting our patients and families, and the communities in which they live." - Ned Ketyer, MD, FAAP
Dear Friends of PSR Philadelphia / PA

As Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, many people will gather to enjoy a feast in the company of friends and family. This year, many people will be facing the holiday with heavy hearts and minds that bear the weight of the divisive politics that affect all aspects of our society, environment, and health.  

Here at PSR Philadelphia, we work tirelessly to make sure that you are safe and that your voice is heard. We work locally to educate, train, serve, and advocate for our healthcare and environmental rights. We start programs and attend conferences that are aligned with our mission and bring us closer to reaching our goals.

At PSR Philadelphia our core values are to protect our health and environment, and to eliminate violence. If these are your core values too, please take action – volunteer and donate today.

As our thoughts turn from our regular work routines to a national holiday, let us keep in mind the blessings for which we are grateful. Find ways to give back to those who protect the health of our shared communities at home and throughout the world.  

We thank you for your everlasting support!

Ready, Set, Donate on Giving Tuesday
November 28, 2017
We appreciate your gifts and support every day of the year! But this time of the year we get that drive for last minute everything. Last minute shopping, visiting, and last minute donations to PSR. We depend on you to help us serve the community.
Thank you so much.
Thanksgiving is a great time to start a conversation with family and friends about how they can become supporters of PSR Phila / PA. Here are talking points that you can pass along with the turkey and potatoes:

  • PSR is a non-profit agency addressing the greatest threats to public health.
  • PSR is a voice for science and research that advocates for the environment.
  • PSR educates health professionals and students about how to advocate for change
  • PSR mentors youth and provides programs to reduce violence and disparity.
  • PSR speaks to stakeholders about Climate Change and how to love our earth.
  • PSR binds Physicians, Nurses, and all Health Professionals to a shared mission.

-Thank You, from Celeen, PSR Philadelphia Director of Finance and Development