Special Edition 2016
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Have you seen our Jackson Hole Weed Management Association website? 

In this edition you will find information regarding:
  • Old Bill's Fun Run 
Please remember the Jackson Hole Weed Management Association (JHWMA) during Old Bill's!
      The purpose of the Jackson Hole Weed Management Association is to establish common long and short-term management policies, goals, and objectives necessary for cooperatively managing and funding noxious weed activities across all jurisdictional boundaries in the JHWMA. Cooperators include federal, state, county, and private land management agencies as well as other interested organizations and individuals. This mutual aid approach to weed management will insure that the maximum efficiency and effectiveness for prevention and control is realized.

      The JHWMA allocates Old Bill's Fun
 Run funding to:  Support noxious weed control in high wildlife use areas and to educate the public on our new campaign 
of Play Clean Go. The more people that understand the threat of these invasive plants, the more people we will have helping us to protect what matters most.
We live here because we love the outdoors, so let's work together to reduce the spread of invasive species and control what we already have! Thank you!

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