If you or someone you know need healthcare visit healthcare.gov now!

Please take a moment and suggest your friends and family Sign up for healthcare. Since our " president " and Republicans are doing everything they can to undermine our physical health - we MUST take it upon ourselves to encourage one another to get covered. The current open enrollment period ends on 12.15.18. If sharing this info makes you uncomfortable - feel free to use the share buttons above to get the message out. Thank you.

We're having a house concert at Scooterville this Thursday night, 12.13 - featuring Katie Sontag and Timothy Michael Shaw. Learn more here.

I've been meaning to share some of my greatest hits with you for a while, so here are articles I've written and I'm pleased with. Feel free to comment on them - I'm always open to your feedback. 
Here are some conversations I've started on Nextdoor - I think they're possibly ways to make neighborhoods more livable. (work in progress)
Pulling Together . How our community might work more closely together.
I've been writing reviews of festivals and conferences I attend. Here's one of the more potent experiences I had - World Domination Summit 2018 . If you're interested in joining me this year, get in touch! Also seeking Strummit camping company :)
Thanks for sticking with me through the years - and, if you're here for the first time - welcome aboard! I hope you have a great rest of 2018. May you have health, wisdom and some free time to enjoy friends and family in the next days and weeks. We have a lot to work on in the next year - stay healthy - we're going to need everyone to tackle the challenges ahead :)

All my love,


That's me, Roxanne, Mark, and my housemate, Annelise - at our recent Hanukkah party.

PS - If you read last month's 11 , my community-building experiment is going well :) More on that soon.