Please turn in your senior photos and statements!
Hello Senior Families,

I have everything I need from only 21 of our 62 seniors in the Band Class of 2019. It takes me a long time to put together these yearbook-style pages, and I love doing it... But if band families can't find the time to send in photos and information, then maybe we should stop offering to print senior photos in the Pops program.

Yay! Hooray!
These are the students and families that submitted a baby/early childhood photo, a current photo, AND a Senior Statement (or an email stating the student's plans for next year):

Rachel Anderson
Christian Chamorro
Natalie DiMundo
Simeon Downing
Owen Doyle
Khulna Erdenemunkh
Maya Goren
Jonathan Hirn
Sky Hodel
Maddie Johnson
Jack Kelley
Avery Kirschbaum
Lucas Mathias
Alan Schlessinger
Kate Sonderegger
Bonnie Stewart
Patrick Tseng
Jackson Weill
Susanna Wise
David Zhang
Melinda Zhu
I have received a Senior Statement but am missing a photo for the following student. PARENTS: Time to get busy!!

Audrey Howard
(I received the baby photo & statement, but no current photo)
I have RECEIVED BOTH PHOTOS, but no Senior Statements/plans for next year from the following students. Yay, parents! Students, please send me your info ASAP!

Ila Amiri
Zachary Arnold
Mauricio Bautista
Isabella Chuecos
Nate Comay
Ziya Jang
Caleb Kim
Jaelen Kim
Ryan Lai
Eddy Martinez
Samuel Nahass
Gabriel Sanchez
Howard Varner
Lea Yamashiro

And I haven't received anything from these students or their families. No photos, no statements, no future plans - nothing to list in the program except the student names 😢

Rob Edward Atienza
Jessye Bautista
Gaby Blatt
Daniel Canales
Edward Cervantes
Adam Chamas
Joey Choe
Cristian Cruz
Oscar Cruz
Emma Danielson
Cole Ginter
Annie Huang
Jasson Martinez
Michael Melaku
Buddy Moench
Daniel Pacheco
Ezra Pogue
Shrayes Raman
Aamir Rehman
Maya Reynoso
Wyndham Rothblatt
Lucy Sherman
Daisy Sotoj
Derek Wen
Joseph Wickline
Oliver Zinnemann

Please submit one baby or early childhood photo AND one current photo of your Samohi Band senior. Either:

1) Email them to
2) Or upload them through the Pops Concert Photos and Dedication Order Form.

The above form also allows you to order a dedication for your student to be included in the program. Dedications are optional and cost $20 each.
Please submit everything as soon as you can!

Thank you!

Alisa Stewart, BPA President