We invite you to join us in collecting data to better understand the experiences of diverse Black communities in the wake of COVID-19. 

What: National Black Justice Coalition and Black Policy Lab, a project of Pink Cornrows, is working together on COVID while Black and Queer to collect crucial data on how Black LGBTQ/SGL people are weathering the pandemic at a time when data shows that Black communities make up 60% of the COVID-19 deaths in the United States. The new survey builds on the Black Policy Labs ongoing COVID while Black initiative, which has surveyed hundreds of Black Americans in the past weeks. The goal is to build upon existing data to provide vivid color to the diverse experiences of Black people. 

As you know, previous data has shown that Black people are disproportionately experiencing the severest health impacts of the disease, due to both existing health disparities and that Black people are disproportionately more likely to continue working in ‘essential’ jobs that cannot be done remotely, requiring them to risk exposure far more often. This new survey aims to reveal new data on how Black LGBTQ people have been affected in order to inform policy decisions in the future. Black Policy Lab will host a virtual event on May 21 to discuss the results of the survey data.

The Ask: Please complete and share the survey https://bit.ly/covidwhileblackandqueer .

Thank you in advance for your consideration of the humble request.
Ifeoma Ike, Esq.
David J. Johns
National Black Justice Coalition