Pleiadian Healing Circle

Presenting a night with the Pleiadians.



In this great and exciting times of change the Pleiadians have come through to help us open our hearts and minds to our true
untapped power and potential.

Gloridharma has been a channel for several years and has been embodied with the secret codes and language to bring forth messages and energies from the Pleiadians as a channel.

Through their teachings they can help us bring through the energies into our lives to allow us to live fully in our power and beauty.

Join the Pleiadians and Gloridharma into the unknown on a journey that can transform, heal, and awaken you to your true potential and the power within.

The donation for this event is 400 pesos.

Just a little more information about the healing workshops that I facilitate:

The Workshop length of time can be fluid or fairly rigid depending on your circumstances. In the past the healing workshop starts off with me channeling what the higher dimensional Pleiadian Beings wish for the group to hear. This can relate to how we can become self empowered, what we can do to prepare for the changes coming now onto this planet and how we can fully integrate this new powerful energy to heal our bodies on all levels, including energetic and physical. People find this information very useful to integrate into there everyday lives and found it to facilitate powerful positive changes in there overall well being and outlook in all areas of their life. This talk can go for around 45 minutes but if time is flexible sometimes they open up the option for people to ask questions which can take this part of the session longer. As I said they are completely in control of the session and I am just the channel for their Divine Will, I am just their instrument.
Then the second part of session is when they get people to close their eyes and they are lead through a powerful visualization which will bring in this powerful divine light into their bodies. Then I open a portal of powerful healing energy and I walk slowly walk around the circle and channel this Divine light into each person who has indicated that they are open for such a healing. To do this I simply put my hand on their forehead and channel this light into their Pineal Gland and through their entire body.

Then after this I like the session to end on it's own accord with no pressure for people to snap out of the blissful state. I have found people to be in such a blissed out state with this energy they can be sometimes happy to just sit in this energy with their eyes closed for up to an hour depending on how advanced they are to feeling and
being sensitive to this beautiful healing energy.

Looking forward to being of Service to you and your community on the 30th of April

Love and Light Always,





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