10-13 June 2014                                           Hyderabad, India 
Plenary Panel: 'Life Course Approach to Immunization'
A central theme of the IFA's 12th Global Conference on Ageing is healthcare. General practitioners, representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, and academics from across the world will gather in Hyderabad, India to grow their networks and exchange ideas about how models of healthcare should be transformed to adapt to the changing demographics of the planet.  

Day 2 of the the conference program (June 12) will feature a keynote speech from Dr. Jack Watters, The Vice President of External Medical Affairs at Pfizer and a high-level plenary panel entitled "Life Course Approach to Immunization," during which the world's leading experts on adult immunization will discuss how to create an effective framework to ensure greater immunization coverage of older people.  Although we encourage delegates to participate in the entirety of the conference, day 2 is a unique opportunity for general practitioners and representatives from pharmaceutical companies to learn about how to adapt healthcare strategies for an ageing planet. As such, we are now offering a
special discounted registration fee of Rs. 4500 for those who wish to attend day 2 only. Please contact Mr. Hershal Pandya at hpandya@ifa-fiv.org if you wish to learn more. 


Plenary Panel Abstract


Immunization is a core component of the human right to health, a standard element in any effective, preventative public health approach, and an individual, community, and governmental responsibility. Despite these known facts, there is not enough being done across the world to protect people of all ages from serious infectious diseases such as the flu, pneumonia, whooping cough, shingles, meningitis, diphtheria, and tetanus.


Much research has shown that older adults run an increased risk of contracting vaccine-preventable diseases. It is unacceptable that these diseases continue to adversely affect the quality of life of older people when the solutions are known, easily accessible, and cost-effective. Healthy older adults make significant social and economic contributions to community and society.


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Distinguished Speakers


Dr. Javier Garau
Professor Serhat ´┐Żnal
Dr. O. P. Sharma
Associate Professor, University of Barcelona, Spain;
Chair, Supporting Active Ageing Through Immunisation
Internal Medicine,
 Infectious Diseases,
 Hacettepe University
General Secretary, Geriatric Society of India;
Editor, Indian Guidelines for Vaccination in Older Adults
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