So much to report
One of the best problems to have at The Fuller Center for Housing is to have almost too much news to report, especially in an email newsletter like this. So, no long, wordy introduction today, folks — we'll just jump right into the success stories your support has made possible.

(Speaking of support: We have a fantastic matching gift opportunity as you can see, thanks to some generous donors. That means your gift today will be doubled! That's right, $20 becomes $40, $100 becomes $200 and so on. Go to to make it happen!)

Meanwhile, without further ado, here's a glance at some recent Fuller Center happenings. (Spoiler alert: Our ministry is busy!)
Veteran eager to pay it forward

Charles Smith plans to pay off his new home in Shreveport, Louisiana, in just seven years. Fuller Center homeowner partners repay construction costs on terms they can afford, with no interest charged and no profit made. The repayments help others in need of simple, decent places to live get the same hand-up, and that's what excites Charles. He is used to helping others in a way you might not expect of a grizzled Navy vet — through his crocheting.
30 families partner to build new homes in thriving Madagascar

Having switched to The Fuller Center from another housing nonprofit, our partners in Madagascar already had the experience it takes to quickly tackle a 30-home project even while not being able to host Global Builders teams because of Covid measures in the country. Check out the link to see each of the families helped by the Antsirabe I projects.
Greater New York City mobilizes volunteers after flooding

Fuller Center of Greater New York City Executive Director Jim Killoran has a lot of experience leading recovery efforts after disasters, and his staff and large roster of volunteers were quick to respond after the remnants of Hurricane Ida dumped historic amounts of rain in the area. Volunteers are helping flood victims clean up the damage and rebuild their lives. News-12 highlighted their work in a detailed report.
Disaster ReBuilders update

Before Hurricane Ida's rains flooded parts of the Northeast, the storm roared ashore in Southeast Louisiana. With many connections from previous work in the state and a Southwest Louisiana base established last year, the Disaster ReBuilders teamed up with Ginger Ford Northshore Fuller Center to set up a new base in Hammond, Louisiana, to help those impacted by Ida, while continuing to work in Southwest Louisiana and North Carolina.
Rebuilding lives in Pignon, Haiti

After last month's earthquake, Fuller Center supporters like you were quick to contribute to our work in Haiti, where our operations in Pignon have become a model for uplifting families. The influx of gifts after the latest disaster is helping families — including those who lost loved ones — escape quake-impacted areas and settle in peaceful, rural Pignon. The first five partner families have been selected, with more projects on the horizon.
Portugal becomes our newest international covenant partner

With years of experience building and repairing homes under another housing nonprofit, the new Fuller Center of Portugal is hitting the ground running. It boasts outstanding volunteer hosting facilities for Global Builders teams in the picturesque northwest of the country. But make no mistake — there is plenty of work for volunteers to do with many families in need of repairs to aging homes.
Transitioning to Fuller Center from another housing nonprofit

Like Portugal, many of our newest Fuller Center covenant partners came to us from other nonprofits. This is particularly true in the United States. In a new video posted on our transitioning resources page, President David Snell and Vice President of U.S. Programs Stacey Odom-Driggers discuss some of the reasons so many are joining our ministry and explain the simplicity of making such a transition.
Inspirational battle with MS took her from wheelchair to bicycle

Years ago, Karen DeJoe was forced to give up her medical practice when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It took away her mobility and stifled her ability to communicate. Flash forward to the summer of 2021, when she pedaled with our Bicycle Adventure from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast. You don't want to miss Karen's emotional story filled with amazing heart and inspirational determination.
VIDEO: President David Snell talks about signs of hope after a summer seemingly filled with disasters