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Transform your Organization through
Reverse Engineering
Reverse engineering is an effective method to get customer centered results quickly and effectively.  You are probably already using some of these techniques. Take a conscious approach to improved results through this proven method.
Member Spotlights
Joseph Williams
A dynamic financial expert, Joe's expertise lies in providing financial and strategic consulting services for FinTech, investment portfolios, real estate projects, public authorities and public and private companies. With a proven record of getting results, Joe builds and implements effective financial and operating strategies and plans for diverse business sectors.  Joe has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and is a special contributor to a senior leadership team considering strategic initiatives that require financial acumen, sound judgment, and business savvy.
Linda Saindon
For more than 20 years, Linda has initiated industry changing and transformational marketing plans and ideas to drive revenue growth, brand exposure and market expansion. She has led online marketing programs in web design and development, search engine optimization, advertising and online marketing campaigns, social media strategy and online public relations for numerous industries. A University of Wisconsin alum, Linda focuses on linking the latest trends in social media for any size organization and budget, organizational and program strategy planning, client, partner relationship management, project management, public speaking, and business development. 
Blanche E. Roberts
As an experienced trailblazer, Blanche leverages knowledge of people and businesses to motivate, educate, and inspire her clients to achieve higher levels of success.  Blanche brings a new dimension to Coaching by assisting clients to move towards new ideas that embrace leadership for the 21st century. Hailing from Dartmouth College, Blanche's passion lies in partnering with clients to bring excitement and success to business results, effectively executing, and maximizing human potential. With a background in chemistry and mathematics her unique combination of operating experience and people development is the solution that drives individual and organizational performance.
Trends - New Ideas for Career & Business
July 26, 2017
Member Guest Event, Chicago, Illinois

ExpertTerre Members and Guests gathered for an evening "Lifeline" moderated by Alana Robinson.  Ideas were shared and new connections made.  For more information... 

Never underestimate the power of decisive action.  Raymond Charles Barker's The Power of Decision is a timeless classic that helps you harness your personal power to act with confidence, courage, and equanimity.
Upcoming Events
October 11, 2017
 Member Guest Event, the Yale Club, Lunch, New York City
For More Information 914.481.5914
December 1 to 2, 2017
Executive Leadership Retreat and Holiday Dinner
December 1:  12pm Lunch | 1pm Leadership Session | Holiday Dinner 7pm
December 2:  Breakfast 9am
Ritz Carlton, White Plains, NY
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