Plug In BC  lays the groundwork for plug-in electric vehicles  and related electric charging infrastructure in British Columbia. Keep current on vehicle deployment, charging infrastructure, policy development, research, and outreach.
Apply for the BC Fleet Champions Program!

The Fraser Basin Council is pleased to announce the Fleet Champions Program for BC-based fleets who have signed the West Coast Electric Fleets pledge. The program supports fleets in British Columbia in their efforts toward deploying clean energy vehicles by offering technical and financial support in two areas:

1. EV Fleet Business Case: Eligible fleets can apply for a free EV business case analysis, including a free FleetCarma EV Suitability Assessment and/or an EV Monitoring Assessment. 

2. Charging Infrastructure Incentives: Fleets can apply for a rebate of 33%, up to $2,000 on the purchase and installation of a Level 2 charging station. Fleets may also qualify for a free site assessment to understand charging needs and options.
Apply Today!

Visit the Plug In BC website to learn more about the different incentives and to apply. Please note there is a separate application form for each of the incentives available (EV business case and charging infrastructure).  

If you haven't done so already make sure to sign the West Coast Electric Fleet pledge (it's free!) and join other organizations along the west coast in supporting clean energy vehicles!

FBC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the  Province of British ColumbiaFleetCarma, and PowerPros Electrical.
Requests for Expressions of Interest Needed for DCFC Station Hosts

The Provincial Government is inviting public and private organizations to subm it an Expression of Interest (EOI) to participate in Phase 2 of the Provincial Clean Energy Vehic le P rogram (CEV) DC Fast Charger (DCFC) Network deployment.

Organizations interested in hosting a fast charging station must reply no later than 5 pm, Thursday, June 30t h, 2016 by email to CEVEnquiries@gov.bc.ca, c/o Dian Ross. 

Two New DC Fast Charging Stations Join BC's Network
The latest two Direct Current Fast Charging Stations  were officially launched in Chilliwack and Boston Bar last Friday, making the current count 27 in BC (plus over 1,100 Level 2 stations). 

These stations have been installed as part of an initiative supported by the Province of British Columbia, the  Government of Canada, BC Hydro and various municipal and industry stakeholders to increase electric vehicle  charging infrastructure in the province. 
Read more about the launch.
ElectraFest- June 25,  2016 


Join the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association, Emotive and friends at Concord Pacific for the annual ElectraFest to test drive a variety of electric vehicles and to see a showcase of electric cars, bikes, scooters, trucks and more. More details


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Might-E Truck Goes on Tour!


Might-E Truck, a Canadian-made EV manufactured by Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd., is on tour from the Fraser Valley to Squamish, BC during the week of June 20th.  


Interested fleet managers or buyers should contact Randy Holmquist for more information and to arrange a demonstration.