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Emotive introduces Homo Gasolinus, who discovers the EVolution of driving!

The EVolution of Driving
Emotive, the Electric Vehicle Experience outreach campaign has a new "mascot" with the launch of a new mini video series on Homo Gasolinus discovering EVs. Are you active on social media? Help yourself to the Homo Gasolinus GIF library, and spread the EV fun! Use hashtag #EVolveToElectric.
City of Vancouver's EV Ecosystem Strategy

The City of Vancouver has approved a new EV Ecosystem Strategy. The strategy identifies 32 priority actions, with funding of $3 million, with the goal of:

1) Expanding access to home and workplace charging.
2) Improving the public charging network.
3) Integrating EV infrastructure planning into core City processes.
The strategy allocates $2 million for public fast charging hubs, $500,000 to expand the existing Level 2 charging network, and another $500,000 to incentive Multi-unit Residential Building and Workplace charging retrofits.

Applications Still Being Accepted for the Fleet Champions Program

Two incentives are available for private and public fleets to help make the case for electric vehicles:
1. Free business case assessment with FleetCarma (~$35,000 value). Deadline to apply: January 27th, 2017

2. Charging Infrastructure Incentives - free site assessment and 33%, up to $2,000 off charging stations. Deadline to apply: May 1 2017

Apply online.
Report on Economic Impact of EVs in BC

The Province of BC released a report on the economic  benefits of electric vehicles. 

Over 6,0 00 jobs are directly or indirectly created through EV efforts with $702 million in economic activity, and room to grow.