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B.C. Announces $40 million in new funding for Clean Energy Vehicles
Minister Bennett announces expanded CEV program

Today (Feb 3, 2017), the Province of BC announced $40 million in new funding to support clean energy vehicles. $27 million is being directed toward the CEVforBC program to ensure the continuation of the $5,000 off new EV purchases. 

How the remaining $13 million will be spent has not been finalized, but will encompass fast charging, multi-unit residential, and workplace charging, as well as outreach efforts.
Purchasing a NEW EV? Receive up to $11,000 in incentives!

BC Scrap-It has announced increases to the incentives for new/used EVs purchased after scrapping your older vehicle. Starting February 1, 2017, those looking to purchase new EVs can scrap their older vehicles for $6,000 and if purchasing a used EV can receive $3,000. This can be combined with the CEVforBC point of sale rebate of up to $5,000 for a total incentive of $11,000!  
CanEV's Might-E Truck
Province of BC Specialty-Use Electric Vehicle Incentive

The Province of BC has introduced incentives for fleets looking to purchase electric vehicle specialty-use vehicles. Incentive amounts vary by vehicle type and battery size. The funding pool is limited so act quickly!  

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Homo Gasolinus continues to discover the benefits of EVs!

#EVolvetoElectric Chapter 2: Less Maintenance
#EVolvetoElectric Chapter 2: Less Maintenance

What will our friend Homo Gasolinus do with all the time he's saved on vehicle maintenance? Don't forget to follow Emotive on Facebook to follow his story! 

Are you active on social media? Help yourself to the Homo Gasolinus  GIF library , and spread the EV fun! Use hashtag #EVolveToElectric.

Aerial View of the Lower Fraser River Valley. Photo from Community Mapping Network - Source

EV Technology and Market Overview

The Township of Langley, Metro Vancouver, and City of Abbotsford commissioned PowerTech Labs for a comprehensive report on EVs. The report discusses the current state of EVs in BC and the world market, differences between EVs and counterparts, various levels of charging, and offers a look at the future of EVs in BC. It's a well rounded report with some key information, to help local governments with their planning efforts.

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Report on EVs in Northern BC

The majority of EV adoption in B.C. has occurred in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Northern B.C. has unique challenges that act as a barrier to EV adoption, such as geography, climate, and vehicle type requirements. The purpose of this document is to increase the understanding of these challenges and outline a strategy that will allow the Ministry of Energy and Mines to support the adoption of EVs in Northern B.C.
The Quest for Condo Charging
Eve Hou with her Nissan Leaf

Metro Vancouver's Eve Hou discusses the barriers and opportunities for charging in condos. Having worked on EV policy and outreach for Metro Vancouver, Eve is familiar with the challenges. However, it wasn't until becoming an EV owner herself that the reality of these challenges sunk in.