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Charge the North: Building a Better Charging Experience
City of Vancouver Approves Fees at EV Charging Stations
Electric Avenue
Electric Avenue coming to Kamloops Hot Nite in the City on August 11 to 12

For the first time in its 23-year history, the Kamloops-based Hot Nite in the City outdoor car show includes an EV category and 'Best in Class' EV award, and will feature an entire city block dedicated to electric vehicles. 

Aptly called 'Electric Avenue', the EV showcase aims to create an exciting space for EV owners to share their EV experience with the many thousands of car buffs who attend the show. Electric Avenue will host Electrum Charging Solution's EV charger demo trailer and Emotive, BC's campaign to promote awareness about EVs. 

Take an electric car for a spin at Electrafest

On Saturday, July 15th, thousands of attendees from across the Lower Mainland will gather at Concord Pacific Place to learn all about electric vehicles and explore the latest smart technologies!

Come out for your chance to test drive EVs, enjoy family activities, check out local companies, and more. 

Curbside EV charging
City of Vancouver Proposes Curbside EV Charging Pilot

The proposed Curbside EV Charging Pilot Program will enable businesses and home owners who don't have access to off-street parking to install curbside electric vehicle charging. One of the biggest barriers to owning or switching to an electric vehicle is lack of access to convenient charging. The proposed pilot will help address this barrier and make electric vehicles a viable choice for more residents and businesses. 

Salt Spring Island
Salt Spring Island is the unofficial "electric car capital of Canada"

With 111 electric cars on the island, Salt Spring residents are leading the electric car revolution in Canada. 
Transitions Salt Spring, an environmental non-profit, has helped install 7 public charging stations and another 20 are in the planning stage. The island's EV owners are enthusiastic about making their neighbourhood cleaner and quieter as well as reducing their environmental footprint. 

ZEV strategy
Canada's Zero-Emission Vehicles Strategy Coming in 2018

The federal government has announced their plans to develop a national zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) strategy. Transportation accounts for 24% of the country's emissions, mostly from cars and trucks. This strategy aims to significantly reduce Canada's emission footprint, and the government will seek input from automakers and other stakeholders in the transportation sector.

Homo Gasolinus Continues to Discover the Benefits of EVs!

_EVolvetoElectric Chapter 4_ EV Perks
_EVolvetoElectric Chapter 4_ EV Perks

Our curious caveman, Homo Gasolinus, is finding out about the perks that come with owning an EV. One of these perks is how many places in BC offer their prime parking spots just for electric cars!

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Fleet Champions Program: support still available

Fleets can apply for  charging station rebates,  free EV Telematics or a free   EV cost of ownership assessment  (performed on less than 10 vehicles). 

Visit www.pluginbc.ca to find out more and apply.