Plug In BC  lays the groundwork for plug-in electric vehicles  and related electric charging infrastructure in British Columbia. Keep current on vehicle deployment, charging infrastructure, policy development, research, and outreach.
Drive Electric Week

Celebrate National Drive Electric Week by attending one of three events happening in BC! Talk to EV owners, and test drive for yourself!

Click below for the full event details.

Applications are being accepted for the  BC Fleet Champions Program, a program funded by the Province of BC, and administrated by Fraser Basin Council.

BC fleets that sign on to the West Coast Electric Fleets Pledge have access to two incentives:

  • Free EV suitability assessments with FleetCarma
  • Free EV telematics with FleetCarma
  • Simple business case for smaller fleets
  • Rebate of 33%, up to $2,000 off the purchase and installation of a charging station
  • Free site assessments available
Visit www.pluginbc.ca to find out more and apply.
Metro Vancouver's EVCondo Website

Metro Vancouver has created a new website:  EVCondo.ca,  dedicated to making the process of EV charging in stratified buildings easier. S tep-by-step instructions are provided for  residents, strata councils, and building owners.

In addition to a variety of resources, the website also contains a map of EV-friendly stratas throughout the Metro Vancouver area.

Strata Bylaw Templates

New templates have been developed that can be used as a starting point for strata and residents to allow for EV charging in buildings*. The templates include: 
  • A draft user agreement between strata and resident who wishes to charge
  • A draft bylaw for the use of common property stalls for EV charging
  • A draft bylaw for the use of exclusive property stalls for EV charging

*Not to be substituted for legal advice.


Climate Leadership Plan Revealed

The Province of BC released the Climate Leadership Plan in August. Exact details are still to be announced, but the plan touches on several EV-related items including:
  • Allowing local governments the ability to require new buildings to install EV infrastructure 
  • Developing policies for installing EV infrastructure in stratas and developments
  • Expansion of incentives to purchase EVs