September 2014
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Launch of new website!
Emotive - Get Involved!

Launch of new Plug In BC website  







We're excited to present the new Plug In BC website!


A lot has happened in recent years to support electric vehicles in this province, and with it, a wealth of resources, case studies, guides, and tools that can enable further adoption. This new website is a hub for EV-related information, and outlines the lay of the land when it comes to electric vehicles, infrastructure, policy, and research in B.C. 


Website highlights:   

  • EV101: The basics. Provides helpful information on electric cars.
  • Public stations: Find out how many stations have been installed, where they're located, and how usage is being tracked.
  • Home and work charging: Includes guidelines for installing charging stations in strata buildings, and a report from the MURB incentive.
  • Hosting stations: Resources for siting public stations, a signage package, and electrical requirements to assist the installation process.
  • Fleet managers: Toolkit for fleets, case studies and more.
  • Participate!: Link up with Emotive, and the available community kits for public outreach in your community.


We hope you find this site helpful, and we always welcome feedback. Please take some time to explore the site and let us know what you think! 

Emotive: the Electric Vehicle Experience 






Emotive: The Electric Vehicle Experience is all about raising awareness and spreading excitement about plug-in electric vehicles, and so far the campaign is off to a great start. 


We have a growing Facebook community of over 1,400 who are engaged online to share stories, post events, and discuss all the hottest EV news ("like" us if you haven't already done so!). In addition, over the summer several lower-mainland municipalities have already brought Emotive to their events, including night markets, a movie night, and various summer festivals.


The Emotive campaign has been designed by Plug In BC partners to support and amplify your efforts to promote EVs in BC. This is your campaign, so here's what you can do to get involved and make Emotive work for you! 

1. Become a Community Partner! Bring Emotive into events at your communities and workplaces to help amplify your message. We have Emotive event kits and collateral available for your use. 

2.  Become an EV Ambassador! EV owners bring the authentic voice to the campaign. These individuals amplify the message online and at events. If you drive an electric vehicle or know someone who does, consider filling out the EV Ambassador form to be added to our list of volunteers!  

3. Become an Emotive Supporter! You don't have to be an EV owner to be part of Emotive. Like our Facebook site to become part of the conversation, check out the various EV options at local Emotive events and maybe sign up for a 'ride and drive'. But once you experience why driving an electric vehicle makes you feel like a "road ninja", there may be no turning back.

Feel free to contact us with ideas, questions or feedback. 
About Plug in BC 

Plug In BC is an initiative co-chaired by the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines and BC Hydro to lay the groundwork for plug-in electric vehicles and related electric charging infrastructure in British Columbia. It is a broad collaboration between the Province of BC, BC Hydro, the Fraser Basin Council, several academic institutions and over 180 communities and businesses. 


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Drive Electric Week 
September 15- 21 is National Drive Electric Week!


Volunteer organizers have planned several events in Victoria B.C., including a scenic ride, picnic and the opportunity to test drive owners' cars on Sunday 21st at UVic. Get details here.    


Electric Mobility Canada Conference 
Electric Mobility Canada's annual conference is coming to Vancouver on October 28-30.

The theme for this year's conference is  ElectriCITIES - Move Electric. 

Register today!  
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