Welcome to the FIRST EDITION of the Plug in BC News!

Plug in BC is helping lay the groundwork for the new generation of plug-in electric vehicles and electric charging infrastructure. Since 2007, Plug-In BC partners, members and supporters, with funding provided by the Province of BC under the Clean Energy Vehicle Program have helped achieve:
  • 932 electric vehicle sales in BC
  • The deployment of over 530 public level 2 charging stations across BC
  • The installation of over 275 residential charging stations
  • The installation of 125 charging stations in multi-unit buildings
  • The installation of 7 DC fast charging stations, with 6 more planned
  • Student training, research and development in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure
  • The development of guides and tools for planning and installing infrastructure in the public space and in strata-owned buildings

Thanks to all of your efforts over the past years, British Columbia is a leading jurisdiction in electric vehicles and infrastructure. As the Plug-In BC network continues to grow to over 180 members, we would like to use this newsletter and the Plug In BC website to keep in touch, share information, initiate discussions, and continue to collaborate. Have an idea for an article, discussion topic, or activity for Plug In BC members? Let us know by email.


Thank you and we hope you enjoy this first edition of Plug In BC news!     

In This Issue
Community Charging Infrastructure Fund
evCloud Program
EV Outreach & Communications Strategy

Community Charging Infrastructure Fund 

The CCI Fund was an overall success! 


Last year marked a great accomplishment, with BC leading the country in public charging infrastructure. Participants in the Community Charging Infrastructure Fund were key to this success. 


In April 2012, the Province of BC's Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Program announced a $2.7 million Community Charging Infrastructure (CCI) Fund to support a province-wide network of public, Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations. The goal was to support charging stations serving members of the public or fleets, with participation of municipalities, regional governments, First Nations communities, BC businesses and other organizations. 


The CCI Fund provided funding incentives to communities and businesses to cover up to 75 percent of the costs for the purchase and installation of eligible Level 2 (240 volt) electric vehicle charging stations, to a maximum of $4,000 per station.


This charging infrastructure is an important step in offering drivers options away from home. A total of 127 "champion" organizations participated in the CCI Fund Program and carried out installation of 456 Level 2 charging stations across BC for public and fleet use. A map displaying CCI Fund results is available online 


In addition, a parallel program from the City of Vancouver (Charge and Go Vancouver) successfully resulted in over 75 charging stations throughout the city, thanks to $800,000 in combined funding from City of Vancouver, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, BC Hydro, and both federal and provincial governments.  


We want to recognize all CCI Fund participants and charging station hosts for successfully completing their projects! Their effort represents a step forward towards more sustainable transportation options in BC.  

evCloud Program 
Understanding when and where EVs are charging


Powertech Labs has been tasked with building a system for collecting data from the electric vehicle charging stations installed under the CCI Fund, called the "evCloud". This will help the Province of BC and BC Hydro support continued EV adoption into the future, by understanding when and where EVs are charging. The evCloud will also be integrated into a public-facing website to increase public awareness of the charging stations. 


Powertech is currently asking for data access rights from a group of CCI Fund recipients. After access is granted, the stations will automatically be integrated into the evCloud. 


For more evCloud program information please contact Jeff Turner  


EV Outreach & Communications Strategy 

Raising awareness and promoting uptake of EVs in British Columbia

Fraser Basin Council, the Province of BC, Metro Vancouver, City of Vancouver and the City of Surrey have partnered to develop an outreach and communications plan to help raise public awareness of electric vehicles.


As part of this plan, targeted audiences will be reached through a communications campaign being launched this spring, focusing on how it feels to drive an EV. Additionally, we are working on a toolkit to support our partners in any EV engagement activities, to encourage consistent messaging across the province.


A full copy of the EV communications strategy is available here.


We are looking for ideas for EV outreach and awareness, such as upcoming events and activities. If you want to share your thoughts, please contact us.  


Stay tuned for our campaign launch!  

About Plug in BC 

Plug In BC is an initiative co-chaired by the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines and BC Hydro to lay the groundwork for plug-in electric vehicles and related electric charging infrastructure in British Columbia. It is a broad collaboration between the Province of BC, BC Hydro, the Fraser Basin Council, Powertech Labs, over 180 communities and businesses, the University of British Columbia's Transportation and Infrastructure Public Space Lab, the BC Institute of Technology, the University of Victoria's Institute for Integrated Energy Systems, and Simon Fraser University. 


For more information, visit
Upcoming Events
Vancouver Auto Show 
March 25 - 30, 2014
Vancouver Convention Centre 
The Vancouver International Auto Show will once again be hosting a "Green Ride & Drive" at this year's event. Electric vehicles will be available to test-drive and experience first-hand. 

Plug in BC will be at the "Green Ride & Drive" on Saturday, March 29th to find out what you think about the cars. We will have a video-grapher and a photo booth to capture your experience. We hope to see you there!

Changing Gears 2014 
March 22
Tillicum Mall, Victoria

If you're in the Victoria area this Saturday, check out this free Sustainability Trans-portation Expo. In addition to excellent speakers and activities, you can test drive an electric car, bicycle or scooter. Find out more

EVs in Fleets 
Electric vehicle assessment helps fleets make purchase decisions! 


As part of the Plug-in BC program, Fraser Basin Council and FleetCarma have completed an innovative electric vehicle assessment program with nine fleet operators in B.C.


The purpose of the program was to help fleets make the business and environmental case for electric vehicles, and determine whether they can be cost-effectively integrated into specific fleet needs and duty cycles.

The average savings identified in the assessment was $15,968 per vehicle over a 7-year service life, while reductions in GHG emissions would be 95%.
See the White Paper for a description of the program, and results.

Did you know...     
Plug-in electric cars are a good choice for BC drivers who want to save on fuel and cut green- house gas emissions.
At least 93% of the electricity generated in BC comes from clean energy sources, primarily hydro.


Electric cars are fast! Electric cars deliver maximum torque (the force applied to get the wheels turning and the car moving) even when the car is just getting rolling, providing good acceleration in few seconds. In contrast, gasoline engines don't reach peak torque until the engine revs up to higher speeds. 


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