August 3, 2018 - Issue 18-30

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One of the things I enjoy most about the work I'm doing to connect with coaches on LinkedIn is the interesting people I "meet". Each of them has his or her unique take on some aspect of life and/or business.

Vitaly Geyman is a great example of that. In this article he describes two main features of a living organization:
  • The quality of the relationships among the people in the organization, and 
  • The context in which they operate (why the organization does what it does)
These aspects of how the people function are fundamental to the organization's success in whatever it does. It matters not whether it's a mechanical trade, accounting, banking, or auto manufacturing company, or a hospital or missionary organization. 

This applies even if you work alone - you are actually several people: The "doer" or producer of some product or service, the marketer, the salesman, the accountant. You probably "farm out" some of those functions, but you're still responsible for their being carried out successfully and in concert with your overall mission. And of course the context is every bit as important.

Depending on the business the organization engages in, certain technical expertises must of course be present. Whatever technical skills are required, the organizational health and effectiveness depend on how these two elements work.

Vitaly's article encapsulates a lot of what we've  examined in many of the articles I've sent you. In fact, so many of my articles address various aspects of organizational relationships and "corporate personality" that I'll simply invite you to peruse the titles on my  archive page  for any particular topic you may want to dig into at the moment . The titles are pretty descriptive.   One you may find particularly interesting and applicable to today's discussion links to Julio Olallo's TED talk on internal vs. external perspective.


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