Thank you!
Thank you to outgoing CIPH-BC President Tim Main for two years of service and leadership!  It has been a strong and productive term and we thank you for your leadership!  
and Welcome!
Incoming President Niall Duggan has taken over the reigns and has an incoming message for the region.
Niall Duggan, Tim Main
Niall Duggan (left), Incoming President
and Tim Main (right), Outgoing President
Message from the President
Niall Duggan
For one reason or another, last fall many people talked about 2017 being a year of change.  Like when you feel the weather change there was a sense of an oncoming storm of change – even prior to the US election!  Well, I don’t think any of us anticipated such a dynamic rate of change in our worlds.
Regulatory changes, companies changing, leaders changing – many people would agree that it’s been an active start to the calendar year!  Yet, despite the uncertainty on many fronts, there is an element of leadership that has not been afraid of change.  Whether at certain political levels or in the business domain, there is an identifiable collective welcome to the onset of change.  In many cases, this confidence emanates from the strong backbone of the previous leadership teams.  And in 2017, this same pattern can be seen in the BC Regional Board of the CIPH.
The legacy of a solid team of industry leaders has provided a clear path on which the new board can grow, learn and prosper.  Collectively, we are looking forward to the opportunities in the upcoming fiscal year.  We say thanks to Mona Winters (Source West Sales) and Malcolm Bradbury (AO Smith) for their contributions as they step aside to make room for our new members Jason MacKenzie (Equipco) and Bryan Jones (JSA Sales).
Personally, I like the feel of the board.  It’s a good cross section of the industry segments with fair representation from all channels.  It’s a good group of leaders around the table.  Ethical, experienced and pretty devoid of ego are all terms that come to mind.  Its’ cool.  What I most admire about the team is their willingness and commitment.  They are willing to share experiences, to try new things and learn something.  Most importantly, they are committed.  Committed to supporting a better CIPH experience for all members.  They are not just going to sit in a room and meet once a quarter, expect them to talk about, engage and support you, the members, to utilize the industry resources of the CIPH.
Change can be good.  Join us in committing to having an even better CIPH experience in 2017!
Niall Duggan

Letter from the Editor
Change is good... goodbye
After editing/writing the CIPH-BC Plumbline for over twenty years it is time for a change.  It is time for new ideas and perspectives.  Serving on the BC Region Board for so long has been a fantastic experience.  Not only have I become more informed on all issues surrounding our industry, but it has given me the opportunity to meet CIPH members from all around the province and the country.  As I leave I want to strongly encourage all members to get involved!  You always get what you put into anything and that certainly has been my experience with CIPH-BC! As our region celebrates our 50 year anniversary by looking back at all we have accomplished, it is time to also start purposefully looking forward!  If we want to continue to add value to and reflect our membership we need more substantive involvement from youth, women and people from all cultures and ethnicities. We now have YES and the CIPH Women’s Network but that is only a start.  Ideas and opinions from our entire membership are important. Get involved and add your voice and your ideas to the ongoing pursuit of excellence!  Follow our Twitter feed to stay informed and communicate regularly with your Board of Directors.  They are working hard on your behalf; the better informed they are, the more they can do for you!

Thank you for the tremendous opportunity.  It’s been an honour!

Mona Winters
CIPH-BC is 50 Years Strong!
In 1967 Canada was celebrating it’s Centennial.  Montreal was hosting Expo ’67 and both John Deifenbaker and Prime Minister Lester Pearson announced their retirement.  It was an exciting time both for the country and for BC and was the year that a regional association of CIPH was born!

The CIPH-BC Region has come a long way since 1967.  The ‘wild west’ of the region has gone through some growing pains over the years but has emerged strong, independent and innovative.  As a region we have banded together to form opposition to several government initiatives; most notably the timing of 1.6 lpf toilet mandate from the provincial government.  But we have also come together as a provincial association and raised money for Canuck Place, the food bank, Habitat for Humanity and Wateraid Canada among others.  We initiated a provincial newsletter and Twitter feed to communicate with our members and we created a provincial award to recognize exemplary people who don’t quite fit national criteria.
Happy 50th Anniversary CIPH-BC!
A lot has happened in our region over the past few months!  Remember to follow the CIPH-BC Twitter feed for up to date coverage of everything going on!  Here is a recap for things you may have missed: 
World Plumbing  Day 2017

The WPD committee came up with a great new concept to promote and celebrate this year!  WPD T-shirts were sold to member companies with proceeds going to support WaterAid Canada!  Over $1100 was raised in this campaign and WPD was promoted by wholesalers across the province!

Congrats to all on a great new initiative!

For a recap, have a look at this tweet

CIPH Encourages Members to Help our Fellow British Columbians by Donating to the Canadian  Red Cross

Massive wildfires have triggered a province-wide state of emergency in British Columbia. Fast moving flames have forced thousands of people from their homes. Urgent support is needed for individuals and families evacuated from their communities.  

The Canadian Red Cross is supporting the B.C. government in providing relief for those affected and a  British Columbia Fires Appeal has been opened for Canadians who wish to help those in need.

How your donations will be used

Your generous  donation to the B.C. Fires Appeal will help provide immediate relief such as cots, blankets, family reunification as well as financial assistance so individuals and families can get the food, clothing, shelter, and anything else that can help them recover from this tragedy.
Natural Gas
Saving Natural Gas in the City of Vancouver

CIPH got behind the fight against City of Vancouver initiatives to effectively ban natural gas. This is a complicated issue, explained well through the following tweets

Golf and BC Region AGM

Members showed their support for CIPH-BC 50th Anniversary at the May 8th Golf Tournament and AGM at Surrey Golf Course.


Another very successful CIPH AGM, (Making History Together) was held in Ottawa from June 25-27th.  To view the gallery of photos taken at this event, please click on this link:

Congratulations to our newly elected Board of Directors, (particularly to our own Andrew Dyck, elected second Vice-Chairman)!  

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
CIPH-BC/ MCA Joint Golf Tournament, is being held on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 at Meadow Gardens Golf Course
CIPH-BC Region Under 40's Event is being held Thursday, September 21st, 2017 at OneUnder Lounge - It’s a fantastic place to get caught up with CIPH news, hobnob with your industry colleagues, sample some great food and try your hand ‘virtually’ golfing!  

CIPH-BC Annual Christmas Lunch is being held on Thursday, December 7th at Northview Golf & Country Club. Please join us on this date to also help us Celebrate the Region's 50th Birthday!
MEET 2018
The Exhibition for Technology Innovators is being held on May 2nd, 2018.  Location TBA

The CIPH ABC for 2018 is being held in Whistler, BC!  CIPH-BC members – mark your calendars!
Questions? Contact Kathryn!

Region Coordinator: Kathryn Kubossek


Phone Number: 778-867-5956