Freedom From Fear - Pluto Turns Direct
Dear Friends, we hope you are well and enjoying the turn of the seasons!   
Pluto in Capricorn turning direct TODAY is the singular topic for this newsletter. 
Pluto began his transit of Capricorn in January of 2008 and he will remain in Capricorn until January 2024. Transiting Pluto supports the evolution of your soul and, for this 16 year period, will focus on themes associated with Capricorn.
Capricorn is a heavy authoritarian energy. The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn or Chronos who is known as Father Time. Saturn is Pluto's father. So, with Pluto in Capricorn, we have the energy of lineage and family as well as the burden of society intermingled with your personal programming. That is a heavy mix.
Since April 22, 2018, Pluto has been moving in a retrograde motion and, during this retrograde period, you might have felt like you were flung back to some degree (great or mild) into the unconscious wounds of your past from authority figures in your world.
Today, at 7:02 PM US Pacific, Pluto will turn direct. This has both an immediate impact and a long view as captured from the perspective of the timelessness of your soul's journey.
Happening Now - Breathe The Free Air Again
The immediate impact means that the energetics of the world around you and your own life will feel lighter and your thoughts can more freely turn toward your future versus 'revisiting the past'.
While Pluto was retrograde in Capricorn, Mars and Saturn were also retrograde for a period of time. These three malefics were all retrograde in Capricorn starting on June 26, 2018. First, Mars turned direct at the end of August. Then, Saturn turned direct in early September. Now, Pluto is moving direct as well.
Time to breathe the free air again and step into a joyful pursuit of your intentions and continue your magnificent journey!
The Longer View - Freedom From Fear
At this time, you have the opportunity to integrate what you have learned during this retrograde period and to move one step closer to 'freedom from fear' in your world by becoming your own authority, aligned with your truth.
Astrological transits are mystical and they are a part of your unfolding journey and this is not the beginning nor is it the end of your dance with Pluto. Rather it is time to take an important step forward to fearlessness and that is a very encouraging thought.
Pluto contains immense power and to resist Pluto is futile. He will enforce the transformation he wants to see in your world. Those of you with Pluto conjunct important angles or planets in your birth chart, understand his power. Those of you who have profoundly experienced his transits have felt his power.
While Pluto is considered to be a malefic planet, he wants you to recognize your truth and the power of your truth so that you can be the authority of your world.   
In order for this to take place, since Pluto rules the underworld of Hades, you have to encounter the darkness of Hades and find your way out of Hades and return to the light of your truth. It feels often like a battle inside at times, but it is the very search that leads to such a beautiful discovery.
Until you find your way out of Hades, you might feel as though you are battling an outside authority whom you fear greatly. This might at times be actual outside authorities. Or, it might be parts of your unconscious wounding and programming that authority figures in your world enforced upon you at a young age (or in prior incarnations).  
This fear and programming does not belong to you, nor does it have authority over you, but until you navigate through the darkness and realize this, it can have power over you. You can get lost in that fear. You can get lost in darkness.
You can get blocked from being able to see that authentic truth that you entered this world with - that truth that is your birthright to live each day.
Pluto shows you fear so that you overcome fear it and become your own authority, aligned with your highest truth.   
In Evolutionary Astrology, Pluto represents soul. You find your inner authority to serve a higher truth, not to take on the world and prove a point. Rather, when you find your inner authority, you fully discover the glory of your soul and the need to battle goes away.
You become your own authority not to battle the world,
but to live at peace with yourself, in love with who you are.
Facing these authorities, whether external or your internal programming, means facing your fears. Transformation is not easy (ask any butterfly). This fear and darkness can be heavy and unrelenting. That is why it is so typical to bury, to suppress, to ignore pain pushing it deep down so that even you can't feel or recognize it is there. When doing so, energy is suppressed and that is not natural. Meaning, the energy can mount to a point where it will no longer be suppressed and you may be forced by life to face this fear.
With Pluto, it is important to remember his power. The power within you matches his power. This is partly why finding your way back to your authentic self is so hard because the power of the gift is so great.
To overcome unconscious wounding, you might be asked by life to step into this dark, fearful place and search for the light of your truth. In doing this, it is so important to know that you are safe. You are entering the internal world to gain understanding and you are safe. It won't always feel safe and that is why it can be important to have a guide for the process via a mentor, teacher or healer.
At first, the initial steps are an internal process where you discover your truth and learn to embrace it with love. You do this by stepping through the darkness and over your fear.
With time, as you experience stronger resonance with your authentic self, wounds heal. This frees you up to slowly step into the external world and begin to express your authentic self. In the process, the old fears will reappear. This is a delicate process, but freedom from fear is possible with patient, loving and loyal attention to that precious place inside that contains your truth.
When you see and feel your truth, that precious gift inside you, you encounter the emotions that have been suppressed. Take time with this process. Be gentle. Know you are safe.    
Grieving is an important part of this healing. If you do not grieve, you can feel sorry for yourself and how you have been wronged by authority figures. You can't sit in this space for too long because then you become your story, you can become a victim and you get separated from your power.
With Pluto turning direct, your dance with Pluto and your soul progresses.
In Summary
The language of science is deepening, expanding and connecting to the spiritual journey. Society is coming to understand consciousness at a deeper and more profound level. You have access to tools and techniques for awakening that are flowering. Society has the potential to embrace free will as never before because society has the opportunity to understand more and more about consciousness.
People can choose to live in fear or choose to live as their own authority.
Be patient. Be loving. Tend to that precious place inside that is your birth right to live!
The minor asteroid Clotho who was one of the three fates or Moira is conjunct Pluto at this time. The three fates are responsible for the thread of life in mythology. Clotho's role is to spin the thread of human life, Lachesis draws that thread out and Atropos cuts the thread of life, which becomes your potential.
Clotho spun the thread of life that is your precious gift and your birth right to cherish and express as your authentic self in the world.
May you move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars by embracing the thread woven by Clotho, Pluto turning direct and taking the courageous steps on the path to becoming our own authority, discovering freedom from fear and living at peace with ourselves.
Thank you for sharing this journey with us!
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