Weekly Bulletin
Sunday, March 7, 2021
The Children Are Asking © M. Southard CSJ, www.marysouthard.org. Used with permission.

Joys and Concerns

Sundays at 1:00 pm

Our weekly joys and concerns check-ins continue. Please join this Zoom call at 1:00 pm for a time to name something we are grateful for, a concern we have, and to be in prayer together. Those unable to join by video can call 1-253-215-8782, then enter the code
644-410-868#, then # when asked for the password.
2021 Lenten Theme:
"Passion of Earth"
Order of Worship

Invocation and Lord’s Prayer
Lenten song – “Touch the Earth Lightly” vs. 1-3
Pastoral prayer
Scripture - Philippians 2:4-8

Invitation to Communion

Closing song “God Marked a Line” (NCH #568)

Chapel Class: Sunday, March 7 & 14
Rev. Ruth E. Phillips will guide us through the contemplative practice of Visio Divina, using art and photos, and a DVD produced by The Well Spirituality Center. Prior to joining class on March 7, go to www.csjthewell.org. Click on RESOURCES and scroll to bottom of page to find the dvd – universe story, narrated by Bridget Sperduto. Watch the six minute video before joining class. Click the button below to join!
Chapel Class: Sunday, March 21
Artist Mary Southard will be our special guest, via Zoom, from the Congregation of St. Joseph, LaGrange Park, IL. Join Rev. Ruth E. Phillips as we engage in conversation with Sr. Mary. She will share a PowerPoint with us as she talks about her creative story and process, as well as her commitment to eco theology and the universe story.

We have been inspired by Mary Southard’s paintings for several years, including The Children Are Asking for this season of Lent. Now, join us on Zoom to meet this uniquely gifted and inspiring human being.
This Week
March 12
Michael Cates

March 14
Karen Fraser

March 15
Ally Dove
Jonathan McCoy

March 16
Kay Porter
Melissa Wearley
All programs and events are online unless otherwise stated.

Sunday, March 7
Third Sunday in Lent
9:00 am Chapel Class
10:00 am Worship Service
11:30 am Transition and Grieving
1:00 pm Joys & Concerns

Monday, March 8
Office Closed

Tuesday, March 9
1:00 pm Staff Meeting
5:30 pm Benevolence

Wednesday, March 10
5:30 pm Rev. Timothy’s Lenten Book Study
5:30 pm Wednesday Night Live

Thursday, March 11
1:00 pm Rev. Ruth’s Book Study
6:00 pm Search Task Force Meeting

Sunday, March 14
Fourth Sunday in Lent
Daylight Saving Time Starts
9:00 am Chapel Class
10:00 am Worship Service
11:30 am Meet & Mingle
1:00 pm Joys & Concerns
Wednesday, March 10: Lenten Book Series
During this season of Lent, Rev. Murphy is leading a book study on Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si”, which focuses ecologically on the care for our common home. It is free online and can be found by clicking the button below.
The group meets every Wednesday through March 31 at 5:30 pm. Those attending this week’s session are asked to read chapter 3, pages 75-101. The link is below.
Sunday, March 7 and 21: Associate Pastor Transition and Grieving
It’s hard to believe but Rev. Ruth Phillips is retiring in June. As church members, we need spaces to grieve all that we will miss once she retires. Rev. Timothy Murphy will be offering several opportunities to gather with other members online and discuss what she has meant for us and Plymouth Church.

The first gathering will be today at 11:30 am. This will be via Zoom; please use the button below to join in this transition process. If you are unavailable for this first gathering, a second will be offered on Sunday, March 21. Same time, same link!
Upcoming Events
Sunday, March 14: One Great Hour of Sharing
On Sunday, March 14, we will have a special collection to participate in the UCC’s One Great Hour of Sharing, supporting the church’s wider mission in the world. In this Lenten season, we often speak of wilderness almost metaphorically. However, for so many of our global neighbors, the reality of the wilderness is all-too literal.

One Great Hour of Sharing funds life-saving work in the various wilds of our time. It rebuilds communities following natural disasters, assists refugees in their search for a safe home, makes education and sustainable livelihoods accessible, and creates reliable and safe water sources for communities lacking access to this vital resource.

You may contribute to the special collection with a check made payable to Plymouth Church, sent by mail to 501 W. Berry St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802 – the memo line should note “OGHS." You also may give online by clicking the Contribute button below. On the donation page, you will find a list of potential recipients, including One Great Hour of Sharing.

Let us offer the assistance we are able with gratitude and joy!
Saturday, March 27: Supply Drive
The Evangelism & Marketing Board is excited to announce that our monthly supply drive is happening again! March 27, from 9:00 - 11:00 in the morning we will be using the side entrance (port cochère) instead of setting up in the parking lot. Use the alley behind the church to access small driveway for the port cochère.

Fairfield Elementary is requesting help with their "incentive prizes" - little treats that students can pick out after earning Falcon Feathers for good behavior, good work, acts of kindness, etc.

Suggested items include:

stickers, coloring books/small sketch books, scented and/or dry erase markers, fancy/funny pencils, fun/scented/mini erasers, key chains/bracelets/rings, "matchbox" toy cars, candy/Taki's, squishy toys/stress balls, funny or character socks.

Let your inner 8 year-old (or an actual external child in your life) have a blast picking out treats for the students of Fairfield! 
Sunday, March 28: Sunday School
Our next in-person Sunday School gathering will be a Palm Sunday procession at 1:00 pm on March 28. All kids, youth, and families are invited to walk in our processional, and everyone else is invited to join us in the parking lot to watch our parade go by!

Story boxes are available now with materials for observing Lent at home. Videos of these Lenten stories are available on the Facebook “Plymouth Generations” page each week. If your family would like a box, please contact Katie Watson. 
Sunday, March 28: Film & Faith: Forty & Over
Film & Faith, Forty & Over - March 28, 2:30 pm
“Quartet” is our next movie to watch at your convenience on Netflix. Directed by Dustin Hoffman, this movie is based on the play of the same title. Retired opera singers and musicians live the “Third Act” of their lives in London’s Beecham House. Opera stars Reginald, Wilfred, and Cissy are already settled residents. News circulates that a new resident is soon to arrive. Opera Diva Jean Horton (Maggie Smith) unhappily joins the community that includes Cissy (Pauline Collins); Reginald (Sir Tom Courtenay), and Wilfred (Billy Connolly). Though the four main actors do NOT sing opera, Dustin Hoffman hired retired singers and musicians to play all the extras. The story is somewhat predictable, the characters human and sympathetic, and the music is superb! 

General Announcements
COVID-19 Vaccination Eligibility
The state of Indiana recently expanded the age range of who is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. As of March 3, anyone 50 and older can schedule to receive a vaccine. If you are eligible, you can click the button below to schedule an appointment. If you have difficulty registering online, you can dial 211 from any phone for assistance.
A Note from the Office
In order for the office to better serve you, please submit a separate check for each donation made whether it be for pledges, special offerings or any other donation. Checks should be made payable to Plymouth Church. Thank you!
Visiting Plymouth
If you have a need to visit the office, we’d love to see you. Remember to schedule an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. No one is at the front desk, so please arrive on time so a staff member is available to greet you and unlock the door. Please wait at the Berry Street entrance and be prepared to sanitize, sign-in, and wear a mask. Please contact Tina Puitz at [email protected] to make an appointment. Thank you.